Air Conditioning

G T Refrigeration installs most leading manufacturers of air conditioning equipment ranging from single units through to multiple variable refrigerant flow (VRF systems) at competitive prices. The company also specialise and deal with many aspects of mechanical and electrical building services.

The team at G T Refrigeration take pride in providing a first class comprehensive service and are proud to provide high quality products for our discerning clients, keeping people cool at home, work and play.

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  • Over 20 years’ experience in the industry
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  • Affordable prices

We offer a huge range of air conditioning equipment to suit every building or home. For more information on a particular range please select the relevant link below:

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How does air conditioning work?

An air conditioner works in a different way to which most people think, most people believe that air conditioning units work by filling your home or workplace with cold air but the main way it cools you is by removing the hot air that is already in your home. Air conditioning includes both the cooling, heating and cleaning of the air to make your rooms feel more comfortable and healthier to be in.

An air conditioning unit transfers heat from the inside of your home or building to the outside. A refrigerant in the unit then absorbs the excess heat and is pumped through a system of piping to the outdoors. Your room then becomes a lot cooler as a fan blows the air from the outside over the hot coil, transferring heat from the refrigerant to the outdoor air.

A refrigerant is a chemical that cools air as it evaporates into the atmosphere. Air conditioning systems use refrigerant in the evaporator coil to cool air. An air conditioning system generally consists of five components:

  • A compressor
  • A fan or blower
  • An evaporator coil (cool)
  • A condenser coil (hot)
  • A chemical refrigerant

These are some of the current air conditioning units we currently install maintain and service, find out more information about the products below:

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