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Commercial refrigeration equipment market to soar in the coming decade

peasThe propagation of our modern lifestyle is fuelling the demand for commercial refrigeration equipment. According to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. this market could reach up to $46.4 billion globally by 2022.
It is actually the growing frozen food industry that is leading the growth of the commercial refrigeration market. Indeed, the frozen food market has been growing steadily for several decades now and is likely to keep on growing in the future. Several factors can explain this impressive growth and are detailed below: Continue reading

Magnetic refrigeration: the future of refrigeration


A new type of refrigerators could, in the coming years, replace the classic ones. Those new fridges that are far cheaper, quieter and more efficient work using a process called magnetic refrigeration. This technology has been known and experimented with for a long time but it can now be applied to domestic appliances and could even be used in various applications. Continue reading

The Impact of Fridge in our lives

Fridges might be a recent invention but refrigeration has been existing for centuries. Ancient civilisations in China for instance used blocks of ice harvested from frozen lakes to refresh their food or drinks. However, it’s only in 1913 that the first domestic refrigerator was invented. The invention then quickly became more commonly used, 99% of British households own a refrigerator and in the USA, up to a quarter of the population possesses two fridges. We therefore tend to take refrigeration for granted without realising the extent of the impact it had on our life. Continue reading

New legislation: Are you equipped with an air conditioning system working with R22?

gtr-blogEarlier this year, a new legislation was enforced banning the use of Hydrochlorofluorocarbons including R22 gas. R22 is a gas used in AC systems that weaken the ozone layer and many AC units pre-dating 2004 use it. HCFC, which are petroleum-based products, have been replacing the CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbures) since 1995. Until recently they were considered acceptable interim substitutes for CFCs. However, even though far less polluting than CFCs, HCFC’s are still harmful to the environment. R22 has been extensively used in many systems before 2004 but as of the 1st January 2015, the use of any appliances that might contain this fluid is no longer permitted. Continue reading

F Gas Legislation


With new F Gas changes coming in January 2017 Defra consultation has said in a report that nearly half a million new air conditioning units will have to have a different process put in place when it comes to checking for refrigerant leaks.

They have written an Impact Statement after a public consultation was carried out which states “the new EU Regulation is expected to lead to an extra 350,000 small systems requiring mandatory leak checking, 15,000 large systems requiring automatic leak detection and 60,000 refrigerated trucks and trailers being included in the leak checking regime.”

The amount of new units that need will need servicing means that there will be more work for engineers and contractors not just for air conditioning units but for refrigeration too. There are some smaller systems too that will need to be maintained but these are usually done by the end user. However, with the new system in place they will have to be retrained so they are making the correct checks. Continue reading

Toshiba Air Conditioning & The National Technology Awards

Toshiba Logo

It has been announced that Toshiba Air Conditioning have been shortlisted in the national technology awards next year in three categories! They are a division of Toshiba Carrier UK Ltd and the awards that they have been shortlisted for are Training Provider of the Year, Total Refrigerant Leak Protection and Management System and for Air Conditioning Product of the Year. On top of this they are also a finalist for Best Marketing Campaign as a result of their advertising over the last two years. These adverts have given the business a high profile and a vast amount of coverage across the industry. Continue reading

Maintaining your Refrigerator

Commercial Kitchen

In a commercial environment it is important for all equipment to be maintained appropriately as the cost of repairs and the effect a non-functioning piece of equipment can have on a business can be huge. If your refrigerator is properly maintained this will increase efficiency, reduce running costs and longevity of the unit.

It is important that you carry out some maintenance on your refrigeration unit, not only to keep it running but to ensure you are adhering to the Environmental Health Organisation’s regulations.
Here at G T Refrigeration we have put together some quick tips for you to ensure your units are kept up to a high standard.

It is important that you check your door seals regularly. This is because if they are split, cracked or not fitted correctly, this is the perfect breeding ground bacteria and it will also lead to loss of energy which isn’t efficient. Continue reading