Reversible air conditioning: the smart option for winter

controller-78445_960_720 2There is nothing more pleasant in summer than to come back home and relax in a cool environment, just like there is nothing better in winter than to warm up at home. Both ideals are now accessible thanks to only one device: the reversible air conditioner.

How does a reversible air conditioning works?

Contrary to a traditional air conditioning unit whose functioning could be compared to the one of a fridge (producing cold air and blowing the heat away), reversible air conditioning possesses two modes allowing it to either cool down or heat. It is composed of an outside unit that produces cold and an inside unit that diffuses the air. The coolant goes through the inside unit to absorb the excess of heat in the room which makes it transform into a gas. The coolant is then brought to the outside unit where it will evacuate the accumulated heat. A reversible air conditioner reverses its function in winter, just like an air to air heat pump.

What are the advantages of a reversible air conditioning?

You will consume less electricity since a reversible air conditioning restores more heat than the energy it consumes to work. Therefore, the heating savings realised in winter usually cover the cost of air conditioning in summer. What’s more, you get two products in one which allows you to save space and money compared to the installation of 2 different pieces of equipment. Another advantage of the reversible air conditioning is the electronic regulation to the nearest tenth of degree, rooms less wet thanks to the absorption of the extra moisture and healthier air thanks to filters that absorb dust.

What are the disadvantages of a reversible air conditioning?

It is slightly more expensive than a traditional one (about 10%). It is also less effective at producing heat in winter than cold in summer; you might therefore only want to use it as an extra heating. Some models might not be extremely efficient at heating a whole house in winter but you can find a wide range of powers and models on the market. The outside unit can also be an aesthetic disadvantage for some as well as the noise and vibrations that reminds the noise of a fridge and can disturb your neighbours.

Precautions for the installation

The installation of a reversible heating system requires a specialist as well as a thermal study of your heating system in order to perfectly match your needs. The specialist will then send you a quotation that will depend on criteria such as the nature of your walls or the dimensions of your habitat. Propositions made as soon as the first meeting are therefore suspicious.

Photo by Pixabay