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F Gas Legislation


With new F Gas changes coming in January 2017 Defra consultation has said in a report that nearly half a million new air conditioning units will have to have a different process put in place when it comes to checking for refrigerant leaks.

They have written an Impact Statement after a public consultation was carried out which states “the new EU Regulation is expected to lead to an extra 350,000 small systems requiring mandatory leak checking, 15,000 large systems requiring automatic leak detection and 60,000 refrigerated trucks and trailers being included in the leak checking regime.”

The amount of new units that need will need servicing means that there will be more work for engineers and contractors not just for air conditioning units but for refrigeration too. There are some smaller systems too that will need to be maintained but these are usually done by the end user. However, with the new system in place they will have to be retrained so they are making the correct checks. Continue reading

F Gas Rules need to be understood


There has been a lot of talk during the year about F Gas rules and now it has been confirmed that the regulations will be here in January, it is important to understand all the details so not to be caught out. This will ensure that you aren’t taken by surprise and you can take steps to plan accordingly.

Ray Gluckman is the technical director at Enviros and he has worked with those making the policies surrounding F Gases. He has suggested that the timing of this particular phase down will give companies a false impression to what is going to happen in January. Continue reading