How to choose the correct commercial refrigerator?

gtrefriThere are many different aspects to take into account when buying a commercial refrigerator. They come in different shapes, dimensions and functions which makes it hard to select the correct one for your business.So here is a little guide to help you choose your commercial refrigerator.

1- What type of refrigerator do you need?

Commercial refrigerators are more powerful, more spacious and usually last longer than domestic ones. They come in various shapes and dimensions so you should find one that meets your needs.
Amongst the main types of refrigerators you can find:

  • The horizontal ones: often seen in the frozen sections of supermarkets.
  • The refrigerated prep tables: adapted to restaurants’ kitchens, they allow a fast access to food while cooking.
  • The dual temperature refrigerators: they are composed of several compartments kept at different temperatures.
  • Under-counter refrigerators: they are usually built by several different units topped with a countertop.
  • The refrigerated display: made with glass doors and used to display drinks or snacks for example.

The type of refrigerator you choose will depend on the kind of items you need to store, its future location and how you will need to access its content.

2- What size do you need?

Be careful to check both the internal and external dimensions (in cubic feet) of the refrigerator and don’t forget to measure the depth. Don’t overestimate the room you need as a commercial fridge needs a lot of energy and can thus be quite expensive.

3- Top Mount or Bottom Mount Compressor?

The compressor, which can be located either at the top or at the bottom of the fridge, is what keeps it cold. Both types have advantages and drawbacks:

  • Top Mount Compressors: they are usually more expensive but last longer. They also require less effort from the compressor to keep the refrigerator cold since the heat is vented upwards, towards the ceiling. This type of fridge can be preferable if you have enough room between the machine and the ceiling for the warm air to be blown out.
  • Bottom Mount Compressors: Conversely, they are cheaper, last less long but are easier to clean and repair since they are more reachable.

4- What about energy consumption?

As said previously, a commercial fridge can quickly become quite expensive to run so be sure to choose one that is energy efficient. Look for energy performance ratings like Energy Star for instance. Devices and appliances carrying this mark use 20-30% less energy than required by federal standards.

5- What else to look for?

You can look for additional accessories and options such as pan slides, casters or pass-through.

Also be sure that warranty and maintenance are provided with the refrigerator. Don’t forget to check how long and what parts of the fridge are covered.