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New legislation: Are you equipped with an air conditioning system working with R22?

gtr-blogEarlier this year, a new legislation was enforced banning the use of Hydrochlorofluorocarbons including R22 gas. R22 is a gas used in AC systems that weaken the ozone layer and many AC units pre-dating 2004 use it. HCFC, which are petroleum-based products, have been replacing the CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbures) since 1995. Until recently they were considered acceptable interim substitutes for CFCs. However, even though far less polluting than CFCs, HCFC’s are still harmful to the environment. R22 has been extensively used in many systems before 2004 but as of the 1st January 2015, the use of any appliances that might contain this fluid is no longer permitted. Continue reading

Air Conditioning Technology was Predicted 100 Years Ago

Crystal ballJohn Elfreth Watkins, an American civil engineer, wrote an article in the year 1990 making predictions about what the world would be like 100 years later and some of them, in fact, have actually come true.

The article was published by the relatively unknown engineer in an American women’s magazine, which was titled, “What May Happen in The Next Hundred Years”. Many of his predictions were accurate including, air conditioning, mobile phones and digital colour photography.

His visions and prediction for the future would seem almost unreachable at the start of the 20th century. Watkins anticipated ready meals, for the average life expectancy to rise to 50 years old and the innovation of television.

Although many households have digital thermostats, the visionary predicted the concept of air-con which would regulate the temperature of the house by turning on hot or cold air.

Not all of Watkin’s predictions and prophecies were correct though, as he thought that flies and mosquitoes would be exterminated, that there would be no more C, Q or X letters in the alphabet and that everybody will walk 10 miles a day.

New Wind Turbine in Cornwall

Wind Turbine2010 saw many huge wind power projects in the UK being completed and by mid-2011, the UK was ranked as the world’s 8th largest producer of wind power. Within the UK, wind power is the 2nd source of renewable energy after biomass and is expected to continue growing in the future.

A wind turbine has been installed by the St Eval Candle Company near its base in Wadebridge.

The 10kw Aircon wine turbine measures 18 metres high and was installed at the end of November, at the company’s Great Engollan Farm premises.

The wind turbine, which was installed by company, Natural Generation, is believed to be the first of its kind that has been installed in the UK,

Mike Field, Natural Generation Managing Director, said, “This is the quietest most technologically advance MCS approved turbine in its class, we are very happy with the longevity of this turbine, which has been in operation on the continent since 2004.”

The wind turbine is part of a wider conservation plan, being put into place by the St Eval Candle Company.
Managing Director of St Eval Candle Company, said “We are delighted to see the wind turbine up and working so well,

“We are looking forward to continuing with the project with the next phase seeing tree planting and the restoration of the old Mill pond which dates back to the 17th Century.”