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Maintaining your Refrigerator

Commercial Kitchen

In a commercial environment it is important for all equipment to be maintained appropriately as the cost of repairs and the effect a non-functioning piece of equipment can have on a business can be huge. If your refrigerator is properly maintained this will increase efficiency, reduce running costs and longevity of the unit.

It is important that you carry out some maintenance on your refrigeration unit, not only to keep it running but to ensure you are adhering to the Environmental Health Organisation’s regulations.
Here at G T Refrigeration we have put together some quick tips for you to ensure your units are kept up to a high standard.

It is important that you check your door seals regularly. This is because if they are split, cracked or not fitted correctly, this is the perfect breeding ground bacteria and it will also lead to loss of energy which isn’t efficient. Continue reading

Choosing an air conditioner


Summer time is here (although it may not feel like it sometimes) if you haven’t got an air conditioning unit installed in your office or house yet now is the time do to so. However, there are many makes and models all capable of doing lots of different things so how do you know where to start? Well here at G T Refrigeration we have written a breakdown for you to get you started!

First of all you need to know how they work. Once the unit is on and running the air that passes through goes through the unit and over a cold evaporator coil. Here the air is cooled and the moisture that is in the air that often causes the feeling of humidity is removed. This air is then blown back into the room making it a cooler environment for it to be in. Continue reading

Walmart Call for a new Refrigeration Strategy


The head of refrigeration at Walmart has created a strategy that will be implemented to reduce the amount of refrigerant that they use across the business. Richard Royal has suggested that they use packaged refrigeration solutions rather than using bespoke systems. They are not only looking to reduce the amount of refrigerant used but also the amount of leakage which means that they need simpler systems which calls for simpler processes.

Richard Royal is the senior design manager for refrigeration and his strategy means that there will be a closer integration with the supply chain as well as having a controls system too. He has said that the reason behind the new strategy is to improve the efficiency of the business through simplifying their processes. “We can really impact direct emissions positively. We believe charge reduction will be one of the single biggest issues for us, together with leak reduction.” Continue reading

The Dangers of DIY Air Conditioning Recharges


Now that summer is officially here most people have started to use the air conditioning in their cars, however some will probably find that theirs isn’t working as it should. Like any component of your vehicle, over the years your air conditioning unit is subjected to wear and tear and therefore needs to be recharged at regular intervals. Unfortunately, this can often be expensive, which is why some people choose to do it themselves instead.

However, it has recently been suggested that recharging your vehicle’s air conditioning yourself can actually be detrimental to both the entire system and your vehicle. Travis Mock, supervisor for AAA Auto Repair, said that recharging your own air conditioner is not as easy as some people make out, which is why it is always best to go to a professional. He claims that people who buy cans of refrigerant are in danger of overcharging their air conditioning units as they don’t have the tools to gauge how full they are. Continue reading