How to maintain your air conditioning in winter?

airconWhatever type of air conditioning you may possess, cleaning it and its filters is essential. A well maintained air conditioning will offer you a maximal performance, will cost less and last longer. An appliance of good quality can easily last longer than 10 years for the individual ones and 15 years for the central ones.

Should you do the work yourself?

It depends on the type of model you own and the kind of maintenance that was advised by the manufacturer. You can carry out some tasks yourself while others have to be done by a specialist. It is important to consult the notice before doing anything.

If you decide to carry out some tasks by yourself, don’t forget to switch off your air conditioning before doing anything. Most of the time, you will only need to unplug the appliance. If you own a central air conditioning, you will have to turn off the power or disengage the circuit breaker concerned in the distribution panel.

Cleaning the filters

Cleaning the filters is essential: a foul up filter reduces the air flow and can be a cause of major damages to the compressor which considerably reduces the efficiency of the air con.

It is advised to clean the reusable filters or replace the disposable ones 2 or 3 times during the season. The frequency depends on the specification sheet of the manufacturer but also on the exposition level to dust of the appliance (activities in the house, presence of animals at home, …).

Cleaning the outside part of an individual air con

You can clean the condenser (the outside part of the air con) once a year in order to remove the debris (dead leaves, …) that might have penetrated. To do so, you can use the air jet of a compressor set on a low-flow or a mix of warm water and gentle detergent. Make sure the outlet for discharging condensation water is not obstructed.

Protect the aircon at the end of the warm season

It is highly preferable to protect your system during winter:

–        Under a cover like a dust cover or a protective housing. It’s always better to use the protection that was supplied when buying the appliance. Don’t use plastic or trash bags because they could cause problems of condensation. A well-adjusted cover allows just the right quantity of air to avoid this problem.

–        In a garden shed, in the garage or in the basement for the mobile aircon.

Protecting your unit will reduce the damages caused by snow, ice and wind. It also prevents dead leaves, branches and any other kind of debris to enter.

Other important facts

Another important thing to check is the good state of the refrigeration circuits in case they are appearing in the outside and of the outfall pipes which degrade in time.

If the installation contains 2kg or more of refrigerant, you will also have to have its water tightness checked every year and keep the document attesting of the control.

Photo by Pixabay