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Daikin will use the R32 refrigerant next year


It has been announced that Daikin will be using the R32 refrigerant in their air conditioning units by the end of next year. However, it is important to know that this refrigerant is slightly flammable, although it does have a lower GWP. Peter Verkempynk is the managing director at Daikin and he has said that the first units with the refrigerant will be launched next year and will go up to 6 kW. In 2016 they will be launching products up to 16 kW.

These will not be the only ranges that will be launched either, in 2017, Peter has said, that they plan to launch a third wave of units with the R32 technology in their Altherma heat pumps along with more in the future.

Of course there are concerns with the use of a mildly flammable refrigerant in the units, which Peter Verkempynk has responded, “It is our responsibility to make sure that people know how to handle R32. And therefore we will be ensuring that installers are trained appropriately.”

Despite the plans for the future they haven’t been holding back this year and have launched the fourth generation of the VRV. It is a heat recovery system which, Daikin are claiming, will provide an extra 28 per cent efficiency compared to its predecessor. Continue reading

New Product from Airedale International


Airedale International Air Conditioning has launched a brand new range of cooling system which will work using chilled water. They are claiming that this range will outperform their other products in terms of energy efficiency and their carbon footprint as well as in its cooling capacity.

The range comes with capacities from 11 to 233kW and they have been designed and created with the internal heat exchange area at the core of the planning in order to make sure this is maximised. There are other energy efficient improvements that have been made to the SmartCool SD, SN and SR range according to Airedale International.

The SmartCool SD has been given a larger coil area than before and on top of this is has also been given an improved airflow path. Filters have been placed on the face of the coil which provides an extra 15 per cent more surface area for better air flow as low air side pressure drops as a result which then increases the efficiency of the unit as it lowers the power of the fan. On top of this in the SmartCool SD model the energy efficiency has also been increased as the fans are now situated in the floor void. Continue reading

Daikin Aquires Rivals Goodman

The world’s biggest air conditioning company Daikin announced last month that they will be acquiring their rivals Goodman Global as they look to expand into the North American Market. The deal is costs around $3.7 billion. This means they will add a “strong fourth pillar” to their operations which are currently in Japan, China and Europe.

Goodman focuses on North America because is the world’s largest market for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

The chief executive at Daikin, Noriyuki Inoue has said, “Most systems in this market are ducted-style, a segment where we have little presence.

“Goodman and Daikin can enjoy a complementary relationship by having more channels in the market to offer Goodman’s market-leading ducted products and Daikin’s existing products.”

Although this seems like a great move for the company, investors are less than impressed. This is because their shares have fallen by 3.53 per cent and the deal is going to change the size of Daikins balance sheet greatly. This is because it is being financed by debt and cash on hand. If regulators approve the deal then it is set to be complete by the end of the year.

Air Conditioning Units brought into the 21st Century

This week Melbourne was host to the Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Building Services Exhibition. Companies such as Fujitsu, Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric and LG all had new products ranges to show off and they all had one thing in common, the style. All the air conditioning units had been transformed from the traditionally white box, to sleek curves in a range of colours.

Daikin and Fujitsu have both decided on a more streamlined design, with their units having curves and all unnecessary buttons, vents and lights being removed for a minimal design and a smoother effect.
Mitsubishi Electric and LG opted for a change in colour to give consumers more choice and be able to blend the units to the decor of their homes.

Mitsubishi Electric offers the air conditioning units in black and silver. Raja Gounder, the company’s national project manager said “If you have dark walls, the black unit doesn’t stick out as much as a traditional white air conditioner.

“It has a new modern look for modern houses.

“The silver model has also been designed to fit into rooms such as the kitchen, where there are lots of stainless steel appliances.”

LG are offering a similar design for the same reasons with a mirror finish air conditioning unit.

Hopefully this new style of air conditioning units will encourage more and more people to have them in their homes and offices. This will enable better conditions during those hotter months of the year.