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Maintaining your Air Conditioning Units

At G T Refrigeration we know that running a business is not an easy thing to do with so many components to think about. With this in mind do you really want to be worrying that your air conditioning unit is not circulating clean air in the most effective and efficient way it can? We think not so this week we have an animation to share with you on our quick top tips for ensuring that your air conditioning unit is running the best it can. Continue reading

Is your air conditioning unit keeping its cool?

With August getting us hot under the collar in Britain, some people are turning to their air conditioning and have only just realised that their units doesn’t seem to be working anymore. People who have air con units don’t have to spend a lot of money to have ensure a longer life for their unit. Here are a few of our top tips-

As the key component of your homes air con system relies on the coils within the unit to remain free to cool the incoming air, you should keep in clear of debris by removing grass and weeds, as well as keeping a lookout for any insects.

To do this, switch off the electric power, remove the sheet metal screws and lift off the housing. Remove the debris and use a cloth to clean off the coils, some people use a garden hose but this is at your own risk. If you do choose to use a garden hose, do your best to avoid the electronics as there is a risk of electric shocks. Check for any bent coils and straighten them as well as you can before replacing the housing and tighten all the screws carefully.

Next, check for insects, especially for ants as they can be a dangerous intruder. Ants will take up habitation in your air conditioner as they seek shade and water, which can cost you a lot of money. You could have your ducts sealed which could help keep insects out and also puts a stop to hot air leaks into return ducts, which can overburden your air conditioning unit.

Don’t forget to check your filters and clean them on a regular basis (depending on how much you use them) as well as keeping an eye out for leaks as early as possible.

Following these tips and maintaining your air conditioning unit should help ensure a longer life for them.

A green energy saving year for Newcastle International Airport

Newcastle International Airport has taken energy saving very seriously. They are proud to announce 2010 as their successful green year. 2010 saw staff operating the airport in a fully sustainable manner; they were able to take part in a number of initiatives that improved environmental practices.

Airport staff increased the number of recycling bins and found ways to cut energy use. Energy saving also covered their use of heating and air conditioning. Their dedicated energy team are constantly finding ways to improve eco-friendly initiatives.

Top Energy Saving & Air Conditioning Tips

A simple explanation to describe the way air conditioning works is ‘it cools the air and removes dust and dirt through a filter. This lowers humidity and makes the temperature of the air comfortable to be in’. Although this is a fantastic solution to warm, hot and sticky days it will also account for most of your house hold budget.

I have researched and found various ways you can save energy and money through air conditioning, the first most important step is to buy a reasonable sized air conditioner for your property.

Air Conditioner Size

Unit size is important because if you choose one too big for your room it will not work as effectively. Cooling the room down way to quickly and making you feel cold and uncomfortable. Turning the unit on and off frequently wastes electricity.

A unit too small can get over worked and still will not cool your room down. You will probably have this on all the time, again it will waste electricity.

Size is one of the most important factors to consider, the best thing to do is seek a professional opinion before having anything installed.

High efficiency air conditioning appliances

Always make energy efficiency an important factor to consider. If it’s higher priced it is considered a great purchase because the cost to operate it is less.


If you are installing your unit or hiring a professional make sure all specific installation instructions are followed carefully. An improperly installed product can waste a lot of energy and electricity. You will need to ensure your electrical system meets the correct requirements and is not exposed to the sun. Install on a even surface that is flat.
If you are not sure about any of the above always consult a professional.

Air Conditioning Maintenance and Operation

Clean and replace air filters, if they get to dust this can effect the way your unit works and waste electricity. During the colder season, cover your unit and store away.
Make sure furniture does not obstruct the air conditioning vents, it needs space to work.