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Air Conditioning Units that Prevent Malaria

Two weeks ago we spoke about air conditioning in Nigerian market. Well now there has been another unit produce with Nigeria in mind. Again the company who has designed it is LG.

The air conditioning unit was specifically designed to fight against malaria. Ok so I can already hear you saying how is this possible? Well it turns out, it is. It is called Anti Mosquito and it works by using ultrasonic wave technology. This acts as a mosquito repellent; this will then in turn prevent any causes of malaria in the building it is operating in.

The unit has been tested and LG has said that in 24 hours it will repel 64 per cent of Anopheles mosquito’s that are carrying the deadly disease. Overall they say it will have a success rate of 82 per cent.

This is not just an air conditioning that can cool down spaces and repel mosquitos. Oh no! It has been designed to function even with the ever changing power supplies in countries where it isn’t as stable as it is here. LG have done this by including the units with a super automatic voltage switcher which means if there is a blackout or a surge no damage will occur to any of the components.

LG Air Conditioning Launch Product in Nigeria

In Nigeria the hottest part tends to be in the North. However even though there has been the introduction of basic air conditioning units, they have always had to consider the implications of high rise buildings. As a result they started introducing commercial air conditioning units, albeit slowly.

This is because there needs to be power to operate them and in Nigeria there is an unstable supply of it. The growth for the air conditioning business has definitely been restricted by this. Another reason is technical skills. Within the area there is a lack of knowledge about commercial air conditioning.

Even though there are these setbacks major air conditioning brands have not been put off by putting its products into the Nigerian market. LG Electronics in the past have launched their Multi V III commercial air conditioning. By doing this they have proven that there are three areas that the consumers in this market like, higher energy efficiency, bigger capacity and longer piping design.

Mr Junhwa Jeong is the general manager for air conditioning and energy solution division at LG Electronics West Africa operations has said, “As a company with a great focus on producing energy-saving and efficient products, we are happy to introduce the Multi V III Solo into the Nigerian market. With this product in the market, we are in a better position to work with our dealers and business partners to keep LG in the lead as the NO.1 provider of smart and efficient HVAC solutions.”

Air Conditioning Units brought into the 21st Century

This week Melbourne was host to the Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Building Services Exhibition. Companies such as Fujitsu, Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric and LG all had new products ranges to show off and they all had one thing in common, the style. All the air conditioning units had been transformed from the traditionally white box, to sleek curves in a range of colours.

Daikin and Fujitsu have both decided on a more streamlined design, with their units having curves and all unnecessary buttons, vents and lights being removed for a minimal design and a smoother effect.
Mitsubishi Electric and LG opted for a change in colour to give consumers more choice and be able to blend the units to the decor of their homes.

Mitsubishi Electric offers the air conditioning units in black and silver. Raja Gounder, the company’s national project manager said “If you have dark walls, the black unit doesn’t stick out as much as a traditional white air conditioner.

“It has a new modern look for modern houses.

“The silver model has also been designed to fit into rooms such as the kitchen, where there are lots of stainless steel appliances.”

LG are offering a similar design for the same reasons with a mirror finish air conditioning unit.

Hopefully this new style of air conditioning units will encourage more and more people to have them in their homes and offices. This will enable better conditions during those hotter months of the year.