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Energy Saving


We have had a few days of sunshine which proved to us that spring is actually here but other than the odd scorcher, spring has looked like it hasn’t sprung. However, at GT Refrigeration we are here to tell you that it is in fact spring and on those days when we do get the temperatures that make us want to drag our computers out into the office courtyard, we have some energy saving tips for you.

The first reaction to a temperature change (as it gets hotter) is to blast cold air throughout the office so no one overheats or falls asleep at their desk! It may not come as a surprise to you that this actually isn’t efficient and it really isn’t right for your colleagues to be sitting in jumpers and scarves at their desks when it is nearing 30 degrees outside. Not only is this, but there are likely to be a few sick days due to people catching colds in the middle of summer! Continue reading

Get Cash Back from Government Scheme – The Green Deal

British Money

It has been announced by the government that there will be a sum of money available to households that wish to make improvements to their home that will make them energy efficient.

There is often much debate in the air conditioning world about how environmentally friendly the units are, however, over recent years there have been a lot of changes to the way in which the units work to improve their impact on the environment. This means that if you have a unit in your home that is over 10 years old, there will have been advancements in efficiency that your unit won’t have. Continue reading

The Budget


As you are probably well aware, the budget has been announced this week and Andrew Eastwell who is the chief executive at BSRI has been sharing his views. He believes that for the industry it provides mixed options.

He has said, “In a budget that is so close to an election there was never going to be pain inflicted that would upset the electorate and so measures required to compare anyone to spend money on energy saving was not going to feature in the Chancellors speech.

On the contrary, with Labour repeating their pledge to freeze energy prices the likelihood was that taxes on energy would be reduced – and wit it the inevitable consequence that payback times on energy saving measures would become longer. Continue reading

The Energy Efficiency Debate

Image of Footprints

Energy, and more to the point, energy efficiency, has been a constant topic for the last couple of years not only because the public had to become more money conscious during the recession but also governments are putting in schemes around Europe in order to lower carbon emissions. “Being green” has become a fashionable, hot topic and it seems there is no slowing down.

However, even though it is a very popular topic, there are also issues in the industry that simply aren’t working for consumers and supply chains. The first being regulations surrounding being green. There are a few out there such as the green deal and Part L however, both have their problems. For example the green deal is great in the short term although in the long term there are high interest rates which has meant that few have joined up to the scheme. Continue reading

Should Refrigeration Units have Doors or Not?

Ice Cream Fridge

When you walk into a supermarket it is no surprise that the fridges, and sometimes the freezers, don’t have doors on them, yet at home you wouldn’t even dream of having the fridge door open constantly. Well this subject has been up for debate for the last three to four years because not only will having doors on refrigeration units reduce the supermarkets energy, it uses less energy and therefore they operate at a more environmentally friendly level.

There are many benefits to putting doors on refrigeration units including lowering the electricity bill, LED lighting can be used and enhance the look of the products and the aisles won’t be unnecessarily cold, providing a better experience for the customer too. Continue reading

Why should inspections be carried out on your air conditioning unit?


If you are a building owner and you manage an air conditioning system it is important for you to know if it operates a cooling capacity above 12kW or not. This is because if it does there are statutory obligations that need to be adhered to in accordance with the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. This means that air conditioning inspections need to be carried out regularly by professionals that are accredited and qualified.

The reason that your air conditioning unit needs to be inspected and serviced is to improve the efficiency by reducing the consumption of energy, improving the operating costs and reducing the amount of carbon emissions that are produced. Whilst there are plans for the R22 refrigerant phase out, this is restricted on older units so if you have a unit that cannot use the R22 alternative you may want to consider updating your system in order to improve your efficiency long term. Continue reading

Replacing an Air Conditioning System


Replacing air conditioning systems is going to inevitable at some point to ensure that your cooling bills don’t dramatically increase and to keep units running efficiently. If you plan carefully you will be able to have a high performance and a highly efficient system working for those days when it is just too unbearable to sit in the office without it on. Continue reading

Climate Center and Carrier Chillers Reach a Deal

A new agreement has been made between Carrier Chillers and Climate Center. It means that Climate Center will be able to offer chilled water based air conditioning as well as its other refrigerant range. As a result of this, it means that as a UK supplier they have the most amounts of air conditioning offerings.

Within their extensive range it will include Carrier Chillers AquaSnap chiller which are award winning. Climate Center will also be able to supply their heat pumps which come in water cooled and air cooled versions.

Next in the range is AquaSmart. This is a control and monitoring system which makes sure the systems are providing the right levels of control and making sure they are optimised in terms of energy efficiency.

The deals means Climate Center will be able to provide all these solutions to shops, schools, offices and buildings that are used by the public.

The marketing director at Climate Center, Scott Craig has said, “We are delighted to have secured this agreement with Carrier. The company’s founder Willis Carrier is credited with with inventing air conditioning more than a century ago. Today, the company has grown to become the world leader in chiller technology.