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Samsung moves further into the Air Conditioning market

Image of Samsung buildingIt is no secret that air conditioning is a lucrative market, especially in certain US states where the hot weather means that nearly all homes and businesses have some sort of air conditioning unit installed. This is why technology giant Samsung has recently acquired two new businesses in order to expand their offerings in North America with a range of air conditioning products and ‘smart home’ solutions. Continue reading

Hastie Group is in Administration

Hastie Group Limited is leading in design, installation and maintenance of technical services to the building and infrastructure sector.

The company has grown from an air conditioning company based in Sydney and now provides services in four different divisions: refrigeration, electrical, maintenance and service and mechanical and hydraulics.

Sadly they have gone into administration as many businesses have done so over the last year due to the economic climate. This will have effects on businesses here in the UK and Ireland. This is because Hastie Group owned Rotary Group which is based in Warrington. They are now searching for a new owner and are still trading like normal even though the parent company is in administration.

Hastie employs 7,000 people around the world and is estimated to own £314 million.

The administrator has said, “We believe they are profitable businesses with liquidity headroom. Over the coming weeks we expect there will be an orderly process to sell the Rotary UK and Ireland businesses as going concerns.”

The Australian and Middle Eastern businesses have been suspended as they have insufficient funds for the administrators to keep them running. They have been suspended till their financial positions have been reviewed and analysed.

Distribution Network for Toshiba is Expanding

Toshiba Air Conditioning is expanding its network within the UK by taking on DYSK Air Conditioning as the complete Toshiba Distributor.

They are based in Harpenden Herts and they will be offering Toshiba’s complete range of products. This is everything from splits to pump ranges.

The commercial director at Toshiba Air Conditioning, David Dunn has said, “DYSK is a well known and respected distributor in the market, and is a welcome addition to Toshiba’s growing network.

“It is a further important step in advancing our ambitions to build on the substantial growth achieved over the last two years and make Toshiba available to a wider marketplace.

“As a result of significant growth in our sakes over the past two years and anticipated growth this year, we have been able to absorb the increases in material and development costs that our competitors have passed on to customers.”

The products where they have managed to stabilise the costs are on their VRF systems, Digital Inverter, Super Digital Inverter and Estia ranges plus accessories.

Mr Dunn carried on to say, “It is obviously good news for our growing customer base, and has been welcomed enthusiastically by our distributors. With major new product launches set for this year, an expanded UK supply network, and now assurance of highly competitive prices, the elements are in place for a great year for the company.

Also coming up this year, Toshiba have a new online ordering system for spare parts for launch later on in 2012.

Mr Dunn said, “With innovative new products and services lined up for 2012, and a significantly enlarged UK distributor network, Toshiba Air Conditioning is looking forward to a third year of sustained growth.”

It is great to hear that even in the economic down turn the air conditioning industry is still experiencing growth.

Air Conditioning Units brought into the 21st Century

This week Melbourne was host to the Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Building Services Exhibition. Companies such as Fujitsu, Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric and LG all had new products ranges to show off and they all had one thing in common, the style. All the air conditioning units had been transformed from the traditionally white box, to sleek curves in a range of colours.

Daikin and Fujitsu have both decided on a more streamlined design, with their units having curves and all unnecessary buttons, vents and lights being removed for a minimal design and a smoother effect.
Mitsubishi Electric and LG opted for a change in colour to give consumers more choice and be able to blend the units to the decor of their homes.

Mitsubishi Electric offers the air conditioning units in black and silver. Raja Gounder, the company’s national project manager said “If you have dark walls, the black unit doesn’t stick out as much as a traditional white air conditioner.

“It has a new modern look for modern houses.

“The silver model has also been designed to fit into rooms such as the kitchen, where there are lots of stainless steel appliances.”

LG are offering a similar design for the same reasons with a mirror finish air conditioning unit.

Hopefully this new style of air conditioning units will encourage more and more people to have them in their homes and offices. This will enable better conditions during those hotter months of the year.

Gree now produces one third of the world’s air-conditioning units

The exclusive agent for Gree air-conditioners, Al-Asasyah Company, in Saudi Arabia has now been announced as the leading company in air conditioning globally.

Its current market share in Saudi Arabia is now said to be around 20 percent and is seen to have made huge progress over the last 7 years. This progress is due to the owners of the Gree air-conditioners factory, Gree Electric Appliances Inc. of Zhuhai in China.

The factory was founded in 1991; however production didn’t start till 1996. The company was also started without a name and had an annual production of less than 20,000 units a year.

According to industrial analysts and researchers, the factory is said to be unmatched in industrial experience. The production level has now reached one third of the global air conditioners production. This was estimated in 2010 at 90 million units.

Although it produces ones third of the worlds units it currently has the capacity to produce over half at around 45.5 million units a year.

The factory includes 300 research and development labs, 3800 workers, engineers and technicians and holds more than 3500 patents.

The factory produces 7000 different kinds of units which range from window air conditioners to chillers. They provide all types of air conditioning units for all types of related issues.

Other than air conditioning units they also supply, electric fans, water dispensers, heaters, rice cookers, air purifiers and much more.

New Energy Saving Technology Launched by Panasonic

Panasonic has raised the bar for green appliances by launching its new technology, Econavi.

Appliance Trader Limited (ATL), the dealers of Panasonic air conditioning in Jamaica explained in a news release that Econavi is precision sensor technology and program control software that will help save energy. It does this by adjusting appliances according to usage and environmental conditions.

The software can be used on a variety of appliances found in the home including, fridges, microwaves, washing machines and air conditioning units.

John Walter, the Commercial Operations Manager at ATL said: “The Panasonic Econavi air conditioner boasts one of the largest energy savings in its class in the world today, up to 30 percent.”

The reason it is such a huge energy saver is that it has a powerful sensor, which detects airflow according to the level of movement in the room and as a result self adjusts. Walter also added: “This technology, undoubtedly, is a stellar plus for our local market where energy bills are considerably exorbitant and fickle.”

Panasonic has a goal of becoming the world’s number one in green technology by 2018, which is its 100th anniversary. They are well on their way to achieving this as they expect to make 60 percent of its revenue from its environmentally safe products.

Hiroki Kaji, the President of Panasonic Latin America said, “The environment is a key factor in all our business activities and we can encourage eco-innovation”.

Powrmatic Expands into UK Air Conditioning

Powrmatic Ltd, heating and ventilation specialists are launching a range of high wall splits, cassettes, ceiling floor and multi splits from Midea Air Conditioning next month in the UK.

Paul Greenough will lead their sales team as he has many years of experience selling domestic and commercial air conditioning equipment. He has worked closely with Midea since 1999.

Midea had a group income of over $20 billion and is now recognized as global giants. Considering the economic downturn it is always a pleasure to hear good news.

Phil Brompton, the Managing Director of Powrmatic Ltd said “We are delighted to be partnering Midea in this exciting project of both our companies. The extensive range of Midea commercial air conditioning products will enhance our portfolio offering customers a high quality competitive alternative product.

We are confident that with this excellent product range and the experience Paul brings to us, Powrmatic will make a lasting impression on the UK air conditioning market place for years to come.”

The range is due to be launched next month at the ACR show which we have previously mentioned.

The Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Show 2012

It has been announced that top industry specialists will give their opinions on the future of air conditioning, cooling technology and important business issues at this year’s Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Show (ACR) 2012, which will be held at the NEC Birmingham between 13th -15th March.

The exhibition is the only national showcase for networking, innovation and knowledge transfer for the business.

The seminar programme will focus on key issues facing the industry, including training needs, changing legislations, new business opportunities and the latest technology solutions available.

Expert speakers will give insightful updates to allow businesses who rely on air conditioning and refrigeration equipment to run more profitably and effectively, while making sure they are falling in line with the most up to date legalisations.

The show will feature the latest products from over 100 top companies from the UK and abroad.
A few of the companies that have registered to attend include, Tesco, DHL, Boots, British Gas, Gatwick airport and John Lewis partnership.

The event is being sponsored by six big name companies including Climate Center, the Business Intelligence Theatre, LG, Panasonic, Mitsubishi and Gram and Hoshizaki.

The show’s sales manager says, “With a top-notch seminar programme addressing the industry’s burning issues, a comprehensive exhibitor list, and hands-on access to the latest design trends and
technology, the show is set to be a must-attend event for everyone whose livelihoods
depend on cooling, air conditioning or heat pumps,”

The sessions are free for visitors attending the show, but places are offered on a first com first served basis.
Will you be attending this year’s Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Show?

LG reveals Lineup of New Smart Air Conditioners

This week, LG Electronics revealed their new lineup of air conditioners, targeting an increase in sales of more than 10% this year.

LG revealed about 40 air con models that feature a technology named the “Real 4-D” cooling system that according to LG officials, sends cool air out in four different directions.

LG spokesperson said that the new air conditioners have also amplified the number of turbo fans located within the air conditioner for enhanced performance and slimmed down the width of the product by up to 30%.

The installation of a power-saving super inverter decreases electricity prices by up to one third of what was paid with other models. The air conditioner can also be controlled by smart phone app, Whisen app 2.0.

President of the air conditioning and energy solution unit at LG Electronics, Nho Hwan-yong, said “We’ve grown more than 10 percent in global terms and we tend to reach a growth rate of over 10 percent in total sales in 2012 even though we know some advanced nations are expected to see a sluggish economy this year.”

LG officials also emphasised the air conditioners with their liquid-crystal display screen that shows management features as well as user selected photos.

LG officials added that it is also equipped with a lighting function which could add to the interior design for some customers. The prices will range for around £500 up to around £1,500 but are not yet available in the UK.

Nho said, “We plan to continue increasing our market share (in global markets) by developing models that are a match to that particular market,

“I can’t talk about the specific differences compared to our rival’s models but we expect to grow together by continuously competing with each other.”

A green energy saving year for Newcastle International Airport

Newcastle International Airport has taken energy saving very seriously. They are proud to announce 2010 as their successful green year. 2010 saw staff operating the airport in a fully sustainable manner; they were able to take part in a number of initiatives that improved environmental practices.

Airport staff increased the number of recycling bins and found ways to cut energy use. Energy saving also covered their use of heating and air conditioning. Their dedicated energy team are constantly finding ways to improve eco-friendly initiatives.