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The Green Deal


Greg Barker is the Energy and Climate minister and has outlined new plans by the Government which will help aid the Green Deal and Renewable Heat Incentive which will come to fruition in 2014.
The Green Deal is the initiative that helps business and homeowners save money on their energy bills. Some of the ways of doing this are having any old insulation replaced, draught proofing, installing double glazing among other things. Other great way to save money is to have your air conditioning unit serviced this winter. This will ensure that when it comes to next summer your unit is running efficiently, not wasting money and you have no nasty surprises when you next want to switch it on.

The Green Deal is in place so homeowners and businesses can make energy-saving changes without having to pay all of the costs up front. The government will lend you the money for the changes and then over time repayments can be made. The theory is that the money you save on the bills will help you repay the loan. Continue reading

Microsoft’s environment chief claims IT industry needs to be more energy efficient

Rob Bernard has stated the IT industry could take better measures to become more energy efficient. He claims only a small percentage are taking positive and proactive steps. This is clearly not enough! The problem appears to be the large data centres, these large facilities store digital data and massive amounts of equipment switched on all day and night.

Rob Bernard outlines ‘They don’t actively monitor and drive energy reduction. The problem is behaviour change – not technology. The first thing to do is have a governance model which has the IT department, the real estate facilities department and the financial officers all working together.”

The efficiency of data centres and cloud computing could be changed. Last November Microsoft realised a report that found cloud computing solutions in larger organisations could reduce energy use by 30%, including carbon emissions. By taking small steps all IT organisations should eventually become more energy efficient.