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Choosing an air conditioner


Summer time is here (although it may not feel like it sometimes) if you haven’t got an air conditioning unit installed in your office or house yet now is the time do to so. However, there are many makes and models all capable of doing lots of different things so how do you know where to start? Well here at G T Refrigeration we have written a breakdown for you to get you started!

First of all you need to know how they work. Once the unit is on and running the air that passes through goes through the unit and over a cold evaporator coil. Here the air is cooled and the moisture that is in the air that often causes the feeling of humidity is removed. This air is then blown back into the room making it a cooler environment for it to be in. Continue reading

Service your Unit


Temperatures are on the rise (thankfully) so it is important that you don’t forget the machine that is going to keep your employees comfortable and productive throughout the summer; your air conditioning unit.

There have been reports that 40% of air conditioning units that are not maintained properly and need a repair leave users without a cooling unit for at least a day, which during a day that reaches record temperatures, it is a very long day.

The president of Sig Cox Heating and Air Conditioning is John Haynie and he has suggested that the average lifespan of a unit is between 10 and 13 years. The best way to ensure that your unit last this long is through preventative maintenance and regular servicing. Continue reading

Keeping Cool in the Summer Months


During winter the main concern for home owners was keeping the house warm at a reasonable cost through blocking drafty doors and better insulation. Well now it is getting to summer time you are probably thinking about ways to cool your property. Here are some tips to get you started in addition to your air conditioning unit. Some are a lot easier to implement than others!

The places in your home that are the biggest sources of moisture and heat are kitchens and bathrooms. In these rooms it is important to have an extractor fan, especially in the kitchen to ensure that extra heat is taken away from the room as well as keeping the air fresh and clean. The same goes for the bathroom, having an extractor fan here too will help any excess moisture from hot showers or baths be quickly dispersed leaving your bathroom cool and moisture free.

You can install vents in your roof to improve the temperature in your loft space, which can often become hot and humid during the summer. Vents in the roof will help elevate this heat but it is important that you get these installed by professionals. Continue reading

What to do if your air conditioning has an odour


With summer making an appearance every now and again it is likely that your air conditioning units are being used more frequently than in recent months. When it is left for a while some issues can go unnoticed such as an odour coming from unit. This can be due to a number of reasons but it all comes down to cleaning out the unit.

The first thing to check will be finding out where the smell is coming from. There are a number of sources that need to be checked such as the filter, drain line, drain pan and inside the unit itself. The most obvious thing to look for would be mould or a small dead animal such as a mouse. Do make sure you have switched the air conditioning unit off before carrying out any checks or cleaning. Continue reading

Weather Outlook Here and Abroad


Our sunny bank holiday weekend seemed to be a little glimmer of what was to come, although on Tuesday it was back to the British weather that we can only expect lots of rain! Unfortunately the rest of the week seemed to follow a similar fashion which doesn’t look promising for the summer which is imminently approaching with only a spattering of sunshine. Continue reading

Air Conditioning vs Fans


With our brief taster of summer and hopefully the rest still to come many of us will switch our air conditioning units on in the office without even thinking twice. However, those who live in countries with a hotter climate year round are often faced with the potential costs of the systems and many end up asking the question if fans would be more efficient in terms of money. Continue reading

May Bank Holiday

For most of us in England, we only have the luxury of air conditioning at work rather than at home. So when it comes to sunny bank holiday weekends like the one it is predicted we will be experiencing this May, the ice creams and fans usually come out in full force.

It is expected that most of Britain will be able to enjoy a sunny early May bank holiday with temperatures possibly in the low 20’s. Those who are living in the south of Britain will probably have the best of the weather as Scotland and Northern Ireland are likely to have the odd patch of rain. Continue reading

Spring has Sprung!

Summer Time

We are happy to announce that we have had our air conditioning on for the last two days and we are hoping that this is a sign of better weather to come!

Spring finally sprung in April and we were all very happy to see for the warmer change, however, May is still set to be milder than usual although will generally by dry. So far this week we have had a little taste of what we hope is to come in the summer but unfortunately according to forecasters towards the end of the week it will become much cooler and even the chance of rain. Continue reading

What did we do before Air Conditioning?


For the odd week that we are lucky enough to experience really hot weather in the UK, many of us find it too uncomfortable to be really warm during the summer time. Ironically enough we try and spend most of it trying to cool down by eating ice creams and putting the air conditioning on. Luckily for us, air conditioning was invented, as we know it, in 1902. So this week we have come up with a few techniques that people from the past used to use in order to shade themselves from the intense heat. Continue reading

Five Common Issues with your Air Conditioning


Who knows what is happening with the weather nowadays? April has so far bought us sunshine, snow and showers so that means being prepared for the summer is essential as no one knows when it is going to turn up. Having sweltering staff in your office is not the best recipe for success so making sure your air conditioning unit is working is essential for the “just in case.” Some of the main reasons that air conditioners don’t work is because they have been installed wrong, or aren’t well serviced or maintained. There are some issues that can be fixed by yourself and for others you will need to call a professional but we have listed the top five issues that could go wrong with your unit and what can be done to fix it. Continue reading