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New Multi Trillion Dollar Opportunities in Three Key Markets


Within the heating ventilation and air conditioning industry it is important to be as environmentally friendly as possible which is why new refrigerants have been rolled out over the last few years as well as new laws that need to be adhered to.

In a partnership between infoDev/World Bank Group and Carbon Trust have established and managed to put a figure on just what exactly the benefits are for small businesses that are operating in clean technology sectors in developing countries.

Over the next decade for those that invest in environmentally friendly technologies in the developing countries are expected to make a pretty penny as the industry is estimated to exceed $6 trillion and just under a quarter of this could be attributed to small and medium businesses which will mean more and more jobs. Not only this but there will be more innovation too which will help to grow businesses. Continue reading

HVAC Industry in America Budgets $5bn R&D Project


Stephen Yurek is the president and CEO at the Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute in America and he has said that the American HVAC sector is going to invest over $5 billion into research to develop refrigerants and machines over the next 10 years.

He said, “Close to $2 billion has been spent by the industry since 2009 researching energy-efficient equipment and the utilisation of low GWP-refrigerants and over the next 10 years, the HVACR industry will invest an additional $5 billion of research and development and capital expenditures to develop and commercialise low-GWP technologies.” Continue reading

Are you in line with Energy Performance Legislation?


There are some shocking figures around at the moment, showing that there are very few air conditioning units that have been inspected by a professional. Whilst this may not seem like such a catastrophe, it really is important that you have your unit serviced and maintained regularly. After all, you are the ones breathing in the air that it is putting out.

If you had your unit installed during or after January 2008 then you are overdue for an inspection, and it could mean that you are also breaching the European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. However, there is a larger issue in all this, which is does anyone take air conditioning seriously? Continue reading

Welcome to our air conditioning blog

Welcome to our air conditioning blog! We are a small family run business. Since we specialise in the field of all things air conditioning, we decided to put together a blog to give you information on our latest products, news and anything else we feel is important!

A bit about us…

Our air conditioning businesses is based in the South of England. We can install most leading manufacturer’s units at competitive prices.

We understand the impact harmful gases can have on the environment, we are an environmentally friendly company and to show our awareness and support we sponsor a Humboldt penguin at Drusillas Park, East Sussex.