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Understanding HVAC Legislation

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As a business it is essential that you understand UK air conditioning and refrigeration laws. The regulations state that: “If you own or operate equipment that contains ODS or F-gases, such as air-conditioning or refrigeration, you will need to manage your own equipment to prevent polluting the environment.”

In order to do this you must ensure that you recover, contain and destroy the refrigerant gasses in an appropriate manner. You must also ensure that checks are carried out on your air conditioning unit at least once a year for leaks in small units but if you are using a larger system then this needs to happen on a more regular basis. You can either do this yourself or get a professional to do it. The latter is the advised option so you are sure it was completed by a professional and mistakes are less likely to have been made. You mustn’t handle the refrigerants yourself, if this is required call a qualified technician to carry out the task for you. It is also important that you make sure you are aware of any imminent changes that will be occurring to the legislation so you can stay on top of it and up to date. Continue reading

Are you in line with Energy Performance Legislation?


There are some shocking figures around at the moment, showing that there are very few air conditioning units that have been inspected by a professional. Whilst this may not seem like such a catastrophe, it really is important that you have your unit serviced and maintained regularly. After all, you are the ones breathing in the air that it is putting out.

If you had your unit installed during or after January 2008 then you are overdue for an inspection, and it could mean that you are also breaching the European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. However, there is a larger issue in all this, which is does anyone take air conditioning seriously? Continue reading

F Gas Update


Last week we reported on the new F Gas regulations and that Defra had produced a report from the point of view of the British Government. Well the latest development in this story is that the revisions have been welcomed by the industry even though there had been fears of targets that were simply unachievable and that changes would be costly.

The Chairman of the ACRIB F Gas Implementation Group, Mike Nankivell has said, “What makes the agreement so important is that it will allow legislators to move forward and provide certainty for the industry. With many end-users already facing difficult decisions about replacing R22 equipment and trying to decide on the best long-term solution for new equipment, a clear position from the EU on future availability of HFC refrigerants has got to be a good thing.” Continue reading