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Warm Weather is Bringing more Jellyfish to the UK


The warm weather we have seen in recent weeks, although it seems to be slowly slipping away, means that there has been an increase in the amount of jellyfish that have been surrounding the British coast line.

As a result of the very cold and long spring there were very few reports of jellyfish but now they are growing in rapid numbers as well as there being many different species too, according to the Marine Conservation Society. One of these species include Lions Mane and these have a particularly powerful sting so anyone wishing to escape the heat and are heading to the beach are warned not to touch them. Instead you could always escape to the cinema with the cool air conditioning! Continue reading

Weather Outlook Here and Abroad


Our sunny bank holiday weekend seemed to be a little glimmer of what was to come, although on Tuesday it was back to the British weather that we can only expect lots of rain! Unfortunately the rest of the week seemed to follow a similar fashion which doesn’t look promising for the summer which is imminently approaching with only a spattering of sunshine. Continue reading

Snow and Blizzard Conditions Coming this Weekend

In a previous blog post we talked about the Big Freeze of 2012. Well this weekend there is expected to be the biggest snow fall since then! It is estimated that there is not going to be much f the country that is left untouched by these snow storms in the next few days. Time to get the hat and scarf out and keep the air conditioningoff!

Wales has already seen snowfall and next is going to be the South West before these icy conditions hit the rest of Britain. Forecasters say that the worst of the snowfall will hit on Friday with up to 10 inches falling on higher ground. On lower ground there is expected to be between three and five inches. Airports and schools are expected to be closed and train services could be cancelled.

For most parts of the UK temperatures will be below zero which means it will be unbelievably cold especially with blizzard conditions. The Met Office has issued weather warnings in the East Midlands, North West and South West England, Wales, the West Midlands and Yorkshire and Humber.
Temperatures in East Anglia last night dropped to -11C. Jo Wheeler is a Sky News weather presenter and she has said, “As evening approaches, temperatures will drop, fog thickening in the east and there’ll be a widespread frost.

“As the rain spreads across Wales and the South West, it will give significant snowfall, potentially up to 25cm over exposed uplands.
“There’ll also be strong winds, with gusts of between 50mph and 60mph which will give blizzard conditions for a while.

“All in all, the travel situation will be quite atrocious for tomorrow’s commute or school run. The snow will push eastwards during the day, and is expected to reach London around the middle of the day, and eastern coasts by the evening.”

White Christmas or More Weather Warnings?

We have probably all gotten our hopes up for a white Christmas this year. The early snow fall did indicate this is the way the weather was going to turn out. Well unfortunately we will just be subjected to even more rain (if this is possible!) Christmas is going to be a soggy one.

The weather warnings that have come as a result of heavy rainfall mean that the transatlantic mild fronts have been sent on their way and our chances or snow are dwindling.

In areas such as Cornwall and Devon there have been amber weather warnings. This mean anyone in this area needs to be prepared for potential flooding. When the time comes this means all furniture and white goods such as refrigeration units should be moved or protected. There has been a yellow weather warning issued in the Midlands for when this bad weather moves from Cornwall upwards. By Thursday, those in Yorkshire will also have a yellow weather warning.

Things aren’t going to improve over the weekend either, there is yet more rainfall pushing its way through the country. The Met Office has said this, “Very unsettled and windy, with occasionally heavy train pushing north-eastwards.

“Further locally heavy rain is likely midweek separated by drier showery interludes, with the best drier weather likely to be in the east. Strong to gale-force winds are also likely in places, but especially in the north-west. Temperatures will mostly near or perhaps a little above normal, although patchy overnight frost remains likely, a pattern that should continue in the run up to the New Year, with similarly unsettled conditions likely to prevail.”

Hurricane Isaac to Hit New Orleans

Seven years after hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, it looks like the people here are going to have to face Isaac.

The tropical storm reached hurricane strengths earlier on yesterday as it had winds of 80mph when it hit the cost less than 100 miles away from New Orleans. Today it has hit land again near Port Fourchon with the winds still of the same speed.

Isaac is a category one storm and although it isn’t as powerful as Katrina was there is a threat of flooding to the coasts of four states, with torrential rain and high winds.

Since Katrina hit there have been significant improvements to water defences in New Orleans which should stop another situation of the same scale.

Many people have decided to leave to find some safety although there has been no formal evacuation order. This is a result of Katrina, people just won’t risk it. However, some residents in Louisiana have been told to leave.

This means leaving behind, homes that will be boarded up to protect what is inside including air conditioning units. It could be expensive to replace them on top of everything else that may get damaged.

The mayor of New Orleans, Mitch Landrieu has said, “Do not let this storm lull you into complacency- that would be a terrible mistake.

“We have dodged one bullet in the sense that this is not a category three storm but a category one at this strength from 85mph to 100mph winds with a 125mph gust is plenty big enough to put a big hurt on you.”

Flooding in the Philippines

Hundreds of thousands of people in the Philippines are slowly being rescued after deadly floods ripped through the capital, Manila and other areas close by.

Volunteers are being requested to help supplies to be distributed amongst the people as there are close to 300,000 currently in emergency shelters.

A month’s worth of rain fell in just two days and has claimed 19 lives as landslides and floods caused the capital to hault to a complete standstill.

Across the Philippines two million people in 30 cities and across 16 provinces have been affected.
A report published by the Government’s disaster management agency has said, “Of the above total affected, 11,079 families/538,445 persons are currently served inside and outside evactuation centres.

Cash, canned food, bottled water, medicines, clothes. Blankets and hygiene kits are to be donated and can be given to various organisations that are helping with the relief efforts.

Benita Ramos is the head of the country’s disaster response agency said that the floods may become worse. “It will take a few more days to recover, assuming the rain stops now.”

The executive assistant to Social Welfare Secretary Corazib Soliman, Sheila Alinsangan and she have said, “The situation is very dynamic, we need more people to help out in this massive relief effort.”

Although here in the UK we have been rather disappointed with our summer and not being able to turn on our air conditioning units to escape the heat, this terrible natural disaster puts it all in perspective.

A Very British Summer

As we all know by now, this has to be one of the wettest summers we have experienced for a long time. However, things don’t look like they are about to brighten up anytime soon.

For the rest of August it is predicted to be sunshine and showers again, so don’t put away your raincoat or umbrella away anytime soon. In the north it looks like it is going to be more rain than in the rest of the country.

If we are to see any sunshine this summer it will be the south that gets the full benefit but rain is still likely during the rest of the month.

The good news is that there are no weather warnings around the country which means that August is already shaping up to be a better month than June.

Many are still finding use for their air conditioning units though as these constant sunny and rainy spells are causing the air to become muggy and uncomfortable. Remember to make sure your air conditioning unit has been properly serviced in case the summer suddenly bursts forwards and we are overwhelmed by a heat wave.

Even if this isn’t the case it is essential to make sure they are properly maintained especially with a few cases of legionnaires disease reported over the last few weeks.

If you are managing to escape the wet weather here in England let us know below or on Twitter.

Olympics and the British Weather

Of course with the Olympics right around the corner and the British weather not getting any better there is a wonder are we going to get poured on while watching the events?

As everyone who has ever planned an event in the summer in England will know, the very likely possibility of rain needs to be considered. Not only do organisers need to make sure the entire Olympics run smoothly, they also need to make sure there are extra plans in place in case it rains. This means considering millions of spectators, 70,000 volunteers and 10,500 world class athletes.

There have been 250,000 red white a blue ponchos have been added to the stock lists inside the shops at the venues just in case. There will also be Olympic branded umbrellas for sale making sure everyone will stay dry. Although there has been no mention of how many air conditioning units are being fitted!

The Met Office has created a five person team, dedicated to predicting weather conditions while the Olympics are on. However it has been reported that it is far too early to make any accurate predictions for when the games kick off on July 27th.

The organisers of the Olympics are confident that if it does rain it won’t affect any plans. Debbie Jevans who is the director of sport for the LOCOG has said, “By definition, being British you have no choice but to prepare for the weather.

“Clearly if you gave me the choice of rain or no rain, you’d rather have no rain and that’s for the spectators as much as anything else.

“We’ve known from day one what we looked across the sports that they will happen whether it is raining or not, and so the plans have always included that.”

How Long is this Weather Set to Last?

As we see the hot temperatures of the last week and a half slowly disappearing over the weekend, we have to wonder, was that our summer and is over?

Here in Britain our heat waves never last very long and last week was no exception. The weather is predicted to go back to typical May/June weather at the weekend. Forecaster Charlie Powell is saying June will carry on being fairly predictable. The weather is going to be just as expected over the next month, sunny spells interspersed with rainy spells.

If there is going to be any dramatic weather changes over the summer this year then the forecasting team will know about it well in advance and as of yet there are no signs of an extraordinary summer.

The reason for us never having exceptionally warm weather or exceptionally wet weather during the summer months is due to our position on the globe and it just isn’t possible. Although, Cumbria is situated in an area which means it is subject to winds coming from three different directions which all bring along different types of weather.

There is no way of accurately predicting what the weather will be like this summer as anything after a five day prediction isn’t reliable, although all the signs look like we are in for a traditional English summer.

Last year the hottest day of the year came in October when the surprisingly warm spell came and many dubbed it an Indian summer. As we can never be sure when the hot weather will strike us here in Britain, it is always best to ensure your air conditioning unit is working all year round. This will not only prolong the life of it but also its effectiveness, which can be vital on those muggy days in the office.

April Showers or April Washout?

So the day is nearly over and we still have half a month’s rain to come in the next few hours. In the UK, this is expected to be the wettest day of the year with a predicted months worth of rain to fall in just 24 hours.

There have been four severe weather warnings across the UK as the high winds and heavy rain will be carried over the country for what looks like could be till the later part of tomorrow afternoon. Weather forecasters are also predicting that our April showers won’t end at the end of the month; they look set to continue into May.

The worst hit areas are expected to be in Eastern Scotland and in the South of England. Unlucky for us!
Paul Michaelwhite, a weather forecaster has said, “It’s an April washout rather than April showers as unusually deep, autumnal type Atlantic low pushes across the South.

“This is an unusually active depression for the time of year, as the Atlantic is traditionally at its quietest during mid-to-late spring.”

This is the complete opposite, however, to what is going on, on the other side of the world in New Mexico. They are experiencing the most uncomfortable temperatures. It has been reported that the student housing in Cervantes Village’s air conditioning isn’t programmed to come on till the last day April and many students have to sleep on their tiled floors just to keep cool. A lady who lives in the village has said her daughter has woken up with nose bleeds from the humidity and dry air.

The housing officials say it takes 4 weeks to switch all 900 of the air conditioning units and although the process has started, the residents need to be patient as they are not at fault for temperatures reaching 15 degrees what is the seasonal average.