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Snow this Morning Causes Chaos

So once again after a small amount of snow, Britain has come to a standstill. 50 flights were cancelled in the early hours of this morning. Trains have stopped running and there have already been accidents on the road caused by the dangerous conditions. Looks like we can say goodbye to our air conditioning units for the year and find the thermal jumpers!

Stansted airport was shut for two hours and meant that 30 departures and 20 arrivals were cancelled. In Luton the airport was also closed to clear snow although they don’t expect too many more delays.

A passenger whose flight had been cancelled at Stansted said, “I’m must surprised that such a small amount of snow can cause these problems. It only snowed for half an hour. And the snow started to melt shortly after it started snowing. I can’t imagine the airport has no forecast for this.”
A spokeswoman at the airport said, “The snow fell at a very busy period for us and it was extremely heavy for a short period of time.

“Heavy snow was falling on frozen ground and we have to make sure the airport is safe and secure so aircraft can stop, take-off and land. That is why we had to ose the runway so we could clear it of snow and make sure it was properly de-iced.

Today was the first day we saw snow for the season and it is predicted to continue until at least Friday. Overnight Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire were worst hit by seeing an inch of snow fall.

Between Watford Junction and Harrow and Wealdstone no trains were running till 10am this morning. There were many more delays in and around London as well.

Schools in Essex were closed, as many as 20 and appointments at Broomfield hospital were cancelled.

The Met Office are warning about ice and snow across Britain and to be careful whilst driving.

The Culture Secretary Believes that the British Weather is better than Tourists Think

CornwallIt has been claimed that the Government is to use the UK’s most unpredictable feature to promote the country by trying to persuade tourists that the weather is not as bad as they think!

Ministers believe that tourists do not realise that the weather in Britain can be pleasant as other cities like New York and Paris and are launching a marketing campaign to tempt tourists away from their air conditioning units in their hot countries and come to visit us in Britain!

Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, announcing the Government’s “Great” advertising campaign in 14 cities, said, “We have lower rainfall than Paris. We have to make sure people understand the reality about the weather.

“It is not always as hot as New York but much more pleasant. Come and get a suntan in St James’s Park — you’ll find that it is much more pleasant than a crowded beach on the Med.”

According to tourist board VisitBritain, London is drier than New York, Brisbane, Rome and Rio de Janerio, and has a higher minimum daily temperature than Dublin, Toronto and Seattle.

However, we all know that it’s probably not the best time to run the campaign, with the snowfall and freezing weather we’re having, as The Times pointed out.

A Met Office forecaster, Dave Britton, said “If you are not happy with the weather one day, you might be the next.”

Among the “Great” adverts and marketing campaign to promote tourism in Britain include a Union Jack livery on a New York subway train and 200 taxis in Delhi, as well as a giant flag projected onto Sugar Loaf mountain in Rio de Janeiro. Union Station in Toronto will also be covered in posters advertising British heritage and culture.

Hunt also added, “Critics will say we’ve gone berserk in terms of austerity. But we say this is the biggest chance we will have to market Britain in our lifetimes. So we are telling the naysayers to get stuffed and are going for it.”

Brace Yourself for a Cold Autumn and Winter

Forecasters have predicted that Britain is just weeks away from temperatures as low as -20C, which will be a shock to our system after the nice weather we’ve been spoiled with.

Cairngorms in Scotland has already had two inches of snow this week and the rest of Britain is being warned to prepare themselves for snow and wintery conditions at the end of October or beginning of November.

Some of us may have already noticed a chill in the air, especially in the mornings on the way to work! Aberdeenshire has already dropped to 8C, which is 21.5C below the temperature we had during our ‘Indian summer’.

Council leaders have revealed that local authorities are stockpiling thousands of tonnes of extra road grit, in belief of another snowy winter. In total, it has been estimated that 1.4 million tonnes of salt is expected to be stock piled this year.

Shops are also planning ahead, Halfords has ordered in 10,000 plastic sledges in preparation of snow!

Long range forecaster for Exacta Weather, James Madden, said “I expect the most frequent and heavy snowfalls to occur across many parts of the UK during November, December and January at present.” He says that he expects that snowfall records will be broken in this time frame.

Many authorities faced criticism last winter as many motorists battled snowy, dangerous roads and many people became stranded. Even though it sounds like local councils are well prepared this year, it sounds like many of us will want to be snuggled up in front of the fire place in front of the TV, enjoying a mug of hot chocolate with the air conditioning units in London definitely being switched off!

It’s officially Autumn in the UK

We may have had one of the nicest springs in 2011, but in Britain we also had one of our worst-ever summers. Summer was officially declared over yesterday as the UK was battered by gale-force winds and torrential rain. Most people saw themselves going to bed earlier than usual as it became darker quicker.

Forecasters predicted unsettled weather throughout the week and it won’t get much better throughout September, so there’s no need to have your air conditioning units switched on.

According to the Met Office, it has been the worst summer in Britain since 1993. Dan Williams, Met Office forecaster, said “Northwest Britain is looking unsettled with showers and even gales. For the South East, we’ll see rain but in general it’s going to be drier and more settled,” which sounds like a very uncertain prediction.

There were gusts of wind up to 60mph in some places in Britain. Railways across the country were disrupted by trees falling on the tracks causing cancellations, ferries along the south cost were severely disrupted and some of London’s tube stations were also closed due to flooding.

Southend’s mile long pleasure pier’s supports and decking were also damaged after a giant barge was blown into the structure.

We still have our fingers crossed for some sunshine though!


Hoorah! Summer has arrived!

August has kicked off to a promising start, even if July was a bit of a letdown with the weather. However, the weatherman still warns us to keep an umbrella in reach.

After swapping our T-shirts for jumpers, not using sunscreen for the past few weeks and even seeing Autumn/Winter 2011 clothes pop up in shop windows, we have finally enjoyed some much needed heat over the weekend and more is on its way.

So far we have had 26c, with the promise of up to 28c (82f) in some areas of Britain in the coming days.

Millions of Britons took advantage of the hot spell and headed to British beaches over the weekend, to paddle in the sea and soak up the sun. Some areas saw their car parks full by Sunday morning and hotels also had “no vacancies” in their windows.

However, we all know what the weather is like in Britain and good things have to come to an end. The hot spell will be short lived and we could see thunderstorms in many areas, along with swarms of flying ants, forecasters have warned.

“In the next few days the conditions are likely to set off thunderstorms just about anywhere in the country. That will herald low temperatures for most parts. People should make the most of the weather while they can”, said Andy Bodenham, Met Office forecaster.

Bournemouth’s seven miles of beaches was full of deck chairs on Sunday.

“It’s glorious today. The beach is really busy and I expect people have come because they don’t know if the warm weather will last”, said Charles Baker, 36, from Hordle, Hampshire, who was visiting Bournemouth with his partner Aileen Simpson and one-year-old daughter Alice.

Unsettled weather is said to return to most areas by the end of this week, where temperatures are expected to slide back to the 70s. It’s still expected to be muggy and people without air conditioning at home may feel uncomfortable, especially at night time.

The muggy conditions has already encouraged millions of mating flying ants, the phenomenon has been described by pest control experts as “the biggest annual one-night stand in the UK”.

Managing director of Cleankill, Paul Bates said the insects don’t bite or sting people, he explains “the problem normally disappears on its own within a few hours”. He added that people shouldn’t waste their money on calling someone out to eradicate them.