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4 Types of Cooling Systems

Image of outdoor central AC

These days, especially in hotter countries, everyone needs air conditioning units. Air conditioning varies and you can get portable units or fit units into your home. All air conditioning units use the same elements in each system including a compressor, expansion valve, evaporator coil, condenser and a refrigerant. In this blog G T Refrigeration explains the different types of air conditioning. Continue reading

Centre Court Temperatures Became Unbearable


Everyone’s heart stopped on Sunday during the Wimbledon Men’s finals when Andy Murray became the first British man in 77 years to win the title. Since then there have been reports that it was the hottest final ever with temperatures reaching 49.8C in direct sunlight.

Both Murray and his opponent Djokovic looked exhausted from very early on in the match and this is partly due to the intense heat in which they were faced with. They had to keep cool with drinks and ice and they both wore baseball caps for much of the match as temperatures did reach 122F.

Police actually put a warning out to those who were watching the match to keep hydrated and find some shade during the scorching temperatures. Even though the fans were warned, there were still 79 people that were treated by the St John ambulance for heat related issues including, sunburn, heat exhaustion and dehydration.

There were water fountains however many had large queues so many opted for the Pimms instead to keep cool, no doubt this added to the excitement and cheers of the win. Many at centre court were fanning themselves with programmes in a bid to keep cool. It was also suggested that officials moved the roof forward slightly to create some shade. Many on Murray Mount found shelter under union flags and sun umbrellas to try and cope with the heat.

As temperatures reached these highs, we hope that next year they will consider an air conditioning system to help make it more bearable.

Most people who experience heat close to 50C tend to stay in their homes as it is too unbearable and dangerous to be in this for too long. In the southwest dessert area in America temperatures can reach 52 degrees on a regular basis and there aren’t many who brave the streets at this temperature. Having said this though there are around 500,000 people that live in these conditions due to other benefits that come with living in the area. If their cooling systems fail during this time, many are forced to heat to the mountains for some protection.

As these are the reactions of people who have to live in these temperatures, we can only imagine how Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic managed to play the Wimbledon final in the heat.

Air Conditioning vs Fans


With our brief taster of summer and hopefully the rest still to come many of us will switch our air conditioning units on in the office without even thinking twice. However, those who live in countries with a hotter climate year round are often faced with the potential costs of the systems and many end up asking the question if fans would be more efficient in terms of money. Continue reading

Air Conditioning Units Removed from School Gym

Air conditioning units that were fitted in a school gym that athletes were using for training have been taken away.

The gym they were using was that of Rokeby School in Newham and those who worked and attended to school new how hot the gym could get with some students having actually fainted because of the heat! One teacher said they could only teach for 15 minutes at a time because the temperatures were so high.

Teachers at the school are angry at LOCOG for removing the units especially since they are promoting the idea of a “legacy.” They had agreed to install the air conditioning so volley ball teams could train but when the teams left, so did the units.

The school offered to pay to keep the air conditioning so they weren’t left with a sauna of a gym but LOCOG removed them anyway.

LOCOG said the reason why they removed the units was because the term times did not fall during the hottest months of the year and were therefore unnecessary. They also said that because they had hired the cooling systems that they were not in a position to sell them to the school. According to the spokeswoman the school did get a new floor that was paid for by LOCOG.

No Air Conditioning for 2022 World Cup in Qatar

Despite the fears over extreme heat, the stadium air conditioning is in doubt for 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The architect in charge of one of the venues, suggested that a more old-fashioned solution would be cheaper and better, despite after all the talk of using state of the art air conditioning to keep stadiums cool at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Qatari organisers are trying to be persuaded, by leading firm Populous, which is designing the Sports City stadium in Doha, to scrap the idea of having air conditioning in at the venue.

John Barrow, Populous director, said that the system is “notoriously unsustainable” for the environment when used on a large scale and far too expensive.

Barrow said, “I think you can be more clever. It is about air movement, moisture in the air and it is about temperature at the right time of day,

“If we get it right … that is the way ahead,” he added.

The defining theme of Qatar’s winning bid last year was air-conditioned stadiums to beat 50C desert heat in June.
Populous was hired by Qatar to help its campaign because of their experience in building signature projects such as London’s 2012 Olympic Stadium, Arsenal’s Emirates arena and the new Yankee Stadium.

The FIFA inspection team was persuaded that the firm’s prototype of their stadium could succeed.

Barrow now believes, however, that the planned stadium can be kept cool by using traditional Arabic methods for ventilation and shading the seas,

The proposal is, is to have wind towers that suck up hot air to create fan-like movement inside the stadium, which has a capacity of 47,000.

Barrow said, “It is part of the building tradition in the Gulf to create wind towers which naturally ventilate. If you have got an air movement which keeps you cool like a fan that makes all the difference.”

FIFA was promised that its 12 World Cup stadiums could be regulated at around 26C, but now spectators could be kept cool at 30C, with low humidity during the evening.

He said, “It doesn’t need to be 26 degrees. Fan expectation needs to be a little more relaxed.”

Until the scheduled kickoff in June 2022, Qatar is likely to be challenged on heat issues. The organising committees have suggested switching to midwinter dates, but officials have said that there are no plans to change.
Asamoah Gyan, Ghana forward, who since September has played for United Arab Emirates club Al Ain on loan from Sunderland, predicted that the “climate for the World Cup is going to be really, really difficult.

“They are putting air conditioning in the stadiums and I think maybe it can help the football there because without that I don’t think people can survive because it’s really, really hot.”

Barrow said that Populous is “actively engaged” in talks with the Qatari government about its World Cup plan.

“They are strongly of the opinion that they need to build now so that they can demonstrate their commitment, but in fact they have got loads of time,” he said, suggesting that waiting could allow new technology to develop.

“There is still a long way until 2022.”

Summer makes motorists angry on the roads

We may not have had much of a summer in Britain this year but when we have had hot weather, everyone is cheery and happier. However, new research by Kia Motors shows that it somehow affects our driving skills.

The research shows that during the summer, over a third have had an accident whilst nearly 1 in 10 speed when the heat rises. With this report, it could be safer that we don’t get much hot weather in Britain!

The most common reason why motorists drive badly when the sun is shining is because they get too flustered and hot. 14% of drivers own up to driving worse in the heat and have had their anger levels rise as the heat does, as well as get a short temper when more cars are on the road.

Nearly half of UK motorists get distracted by other bad drivers on the roads during the summer months, according to the report. Another distraction for 1 in 5 people is singing along to music!

Communications director at Kia Motors UK, Steve Kitson, says, “Whilst the summer sun is guaranteed to life the mood of the natin it is clear that Brit’s can’t take the heat.”

Kitson explains that “Although hot weather in the UK is often rare, it has the effect of getting drivers flustered as there are more distractions on the road. Kia urges all drivers to show care and diligence at all times no matter what the weather or in fact whatever day of the week.”

24% of motorists confess to being distracted if they see an attractive person walking along, so it’s not just the excitement of speeding in the sunshine that makes people drive badly.

According to the report, 85% of the nation has experienced one or more accidents on the road in their lifetime and the average UK driver is distracted 1.84 each day.

The average bill is £635 to repair a car after damage caused in an accident and there’s also an increase of the driver’s next motor insurance quote premiums to think about, so getting behind the wheel and getting hot and bothered is the cost of an impact.

Make sure that you remember to turn up your cheap air con units or wind down the windows to keep cool, to avoid getting angry in the driving seat!