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Even more Snow!

Just when we thought things were starting to brighten up it is predicted that we are going to have even more snow fall on Sunday. I for one have had the air conditioning on in the office all week (probably due to sickness from all the cold weather rather than the actual temperature!) Forecasters predicted today that temperatures will be plummeting to -5 which will mean dangerous icy conditions and more blustery winds.

A Cold Weather Alert was issued by the Met Office today which will no doubt cause chaos on our roads once again and leave those who are most vulnerable exposed to dangerous situations. ON top of this there have also been weather warnings issued for ice in the south west and the west midlands.

Some parts of the UK had snow today and will still have some tomorrow although the worst of the weather is expected on Sunday and is predicted to continue into Monday.

In some parts of the country people have actually been able to ski and snowboard on certain slopes they have already seen that much snow!

Gareth Harvey is a forecaster at the MeteoGroup and he has said, “The next few days will only see a few light snow flurries affecting mountains in Wales and Scotland and the Pennines, in northern England, while temperatures will stay cold.

“The weather will change on Sunday when a front coming in from the west meets cold air.

“It looks like there will be some rain before it progresses to snow over large parts of Scotland and the eastern half of England, particularly the north east.

“There could be some significant, heavy amounts.”

More Blustery Weather!

Last week we were all recovering for the blistering cold of the snow and preparing for the rain and potential floods and the ice melted. It was even suggested we slow down the thaw process by building snowmen! Well after some brighter weather this week and the remainders of any snowmen well and truly gone, this weekend looks to be the same.

It is predicted that there will be more showers and a lot of wind with even the chance of hail. This is likely to affect most of the west whilst in Scotland there may still be some snow in some of the higher areas.

As of 8am this morning there were 36 flood warnings that had been issued by The Environmental Agency, most of which were in the Midlands and North West regions.

Tonight there should be clear but there will be some persistent rain. On top of this the clouds are becoming thicker in the south will also bring heavy rainfall. In the Northern Isles there were winds of between 75 and 85mph.

Much of the country will be experiencing bright and breezy weather for the next few days which should bring warmer temperatures. Although, like last week, probably still not air conditioning weather. With January blues out of the way it should be the time for planning holidays to warmer climates, if the purse strings will allow it!

Snow and Blizzard Conditions Coming this Weekend

In a previous blog post we talked about the Big Freeze of 2012. Well this weekend there is expected to be the biggest snow fall since then! It is estimated that there is not going to be much f the country that is left untouched by these snow storms in the next few days. Time to get the hat and scarf out and keep the air conditioningoff!

Wales has already seen snowfall and next is going to be the South West before these icy conditions hit the rest of Britain. Forecasters say that the worst of the snowfall will hit on Friday with up to 10 inches falling on higher ground. On lower ground there is expected to be between three and five inches. Airports and schools are expected to be closed and train services could be cancelled.

For most parts of the UK temperatures will be below zero which means it will be unbelievably cold especially with blizzard conditions. The Met Office has issued weather warnings in the East Midlands, North West and South West England, Wales, the West Midlands and Yorkshire and Humber.
Temperatures in East Anglia last night dropped to -11C. Jo Wheeler is a Sky News weather presenter and she has said, “As evening approaches, temperatures will drop, fog thickening in the east and there’ll be a widespread frost.

“As the rain spreads across Wales and the South West, it will give significant snowfall, potentially up to 25cm over exposed uplands.
“There’ll also be strong winds, with gusts of between 50mph and 60mph which will give blizzard conditions for a while.

“All in all, the travel situation will be quite atrocious for tomorrow’s commute or school run. The snow will push eastwards during the day, and is expected to reach London around the middle of the day, and eastern coasts by the evening.”

White Christmas or More Weather Warnings?

We have probably all gotten our hopes up for a white Christmas this year. The early snow fall did indicate this is the way the weather was going to turn out. Well unfortunately we will just be subjected to even more rain (if this is possible!) Christmas is going to be a soggy one.

The weather warnings that have come as a result of heavy rainfall mean that the transatlantic mild fronts have been sent on their way and our chances or snow are dwindling.

In areas such as Cornwall and Devon there have been amber weather warnings. This mean anyone in this area needs to be prepared for potential flooding. When the time comes this means all furniture and white goods such as refrigeration units should be moved or protected. There has been a yellow weather warning issued in the Midlands for when this bad weather moves from Cornwall upwards. By Thursday, those in Yorkshire will also have a yellow weather warning.

Things aren’t going to improve over the weekend either, there is yet more rainfall pushing its way through the country. The Met Office has said this, “Very unsettled and windy, with occasionally heavy train pushing north-eastwards.

“Further locally heavy rain is likely midweek separated by drier showery interludes, with the best drier weather likely to be in the east. Strong to gale-force winds are also likely in places, but especially in the north-west. Temperatures will mostly near or perhaps a little above normal, although patchy overnight frost remains likely, a pattern that should continue in the run up to the New Year, with similarly unsettled conditions likely to prevail.”

Snow this Morning Causes Chaos

So once again after a small amount of snow, Britain has come to a standstill. 50 flights were cancelled in the early hours of this morning. Trains have stopped running and there have already been accidents on the road caused by the dangerous conditions. Looks like we can say goodbye to our air conditioning units for the year and find the thermal jumpers!

Stansted airport was shut for two hours and meant that 30 departures and 20 arrivals were cancelled. In Luton the airport was also closed to clear snow although they don’t expect too many more delays.

A passenger whose flight had been cancelled at Stansted said, “I’m must surprised that such a small amount of snow can cause these problems. It only snowed for half an hour. And the snow started to melt shortly after it started snowing. I can’t imagine the airport has no forecast for this.”
A spokeswoman at the airport said, “The snow fell at a very busy period for us and it was extremely heavy for a short period of time.

“Heavy snow was falling on frozen ground and we have to make sure the airport is safe and secure so aircraft can stop, take-off and land. That is why we had to ose the runway so we could clear it of snow and make sure it was properly de-iced.

Today was the first day we saw snow for the season and it is predicted to continue until at least Friday. Overnight Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire were worst hit by seeing an inch of snow fall.

Between Watford Junction and Harrow and Wealdstone no trains were running till 10am this morning. There were many more delays in and around London as well.

Schools in Essex were closed, as many as 20 and appointments at Broomfield hospital were cancelled.

The Met Office are warning about ice and snow across Britain and to be careful whilst driving.

Winter or Summer – Who knows?

After our week of sunshine, the weather looks set to change dramatically for us over the next few days. With snow already see in the more Northern parts of England and in Scotland it looks like our early summer hasn’t lasted.

Snow, sleet and rain hounded down on Britain last night and left 10,000 people without any power across the North East of England. There is yellow weather warning for Scotland, Wales, northern England and the Midlands. This is after gale force winds reached 80 mph last night.

According to forecasters, 15 – 20cm of snow fell last night in the Peak District, Pennies and Cumbria and with this kind of weather there are many travel disruptions around.

After writing about the high temperatures in Aboyne last week, this area has also seen 2cm of snow as the weather seems to be playing bizarre tricks on us.

This, however, is a good time to make sure all air conditioning units are functioning as well as they should be. From looking at the dramatic weather changes in the last week, who knows when we will see our next glimpse of summer, could be next week with these changes! By cleaning the units out and getting professionals to check them over as we have previously written about is essential. This is especially true with the weather as unpredictable as it is now. Scorching temperatures in the office without working air conditioning is unbearable.

This cold weather is set to move south leaving behind wintery conditions although there isn’t any forecast snow and we still have a little sunshine and highs of 13 throughout the week. This, at least for the south, is normal March temperatures.

A Nice Warm Autumn? Not for Long!

How time flies, it’s already November and surprisingly, it hasn’t been too cold yet. Some of us still have our windows wide open or air conditioning units in London running!

However, forecasters have warned that Britain faces an end to this warm autumn, with temperatures falling towards Siberian levels.

Within a fortnight, we should expect our thermometers to dip below zero! According to experts, the country will be coping with -15C by December, which could be as brutal as last winter.

Some of us may remember the chaos that the snow brought to Britain last year, with blocked roads, causing accidents and burying houses. The forecasters suggest that snow could hit the country even earlier than it did last year!

Positive Weather Solutions spokesperson, Jonathan Powell, said “It will not be as sustained as last year, but these episodes are expected to be severe, with Siberian temperatures.”

The warnings came as the Government announced that the Met Office will send out extreme weather alerts this year to social services, the NHS and other agencies in a bid to cut the 25,000 extra deaths in the UK that are caused by winter.

Brian Gaze, the forecaster of The Weather Outlook, told the newspaper, “There are signs of a significant change in the mild weather in mid-November.

“The current mild weather is caused by a high-pressure block to our east, keeping us under a south-westerly flow of Atlantic air.

“But it looks as though high pressure could move further north west, allowing much colder air to filter across the UK from the north or east, with the risk of snow increasing.”

Exacta Weather, spokesperson, James Madden, warned that it would be “very cold and snowy across many parts of the UK” this winter.

He also added that there would be “frequent and widespread heavy snowfalls during November to January across many parts of the UK and Ireland, with below-average temperatures.”

I will definitely be buying grit for the drive and snow boots, in preparation for the winter!

Brace Yourself for a Cold Autumn and Winter

Forecasters have predicted that Britain is just weeks away from temperatures as low as -20C, which will be a shock to our system after the nice weather we’ve been spoiled with.

Cairngorms in Scotland has already had two inches of snow this week and the rest of Britain is being warned to prepare themselves for snow and wintery conditions at the end of October or beginning of November.

Some of us may have already noticed a chill in the air, especially in the mornings on the way to work! Aberdeenshire has already dropped to 8C, which is 21.5C below the temperature we had during our ‘Indian summer’.

Council leaders have revealed that local authorities are stockpiling thousands of tonnes of extra road grit, in belief of another snowy winter. In total, it has been estimated that 1.4 million tonnes of salt is expected to be stock piled this year.

Shops are also planning ahead, Halfords has ordered in 10,000 plastic sledges in preparation of snow!

Long range forecaster for Exacta Weather, James Madden, said “I expect the most frequent and heavy snowfalls to occur across many parts of the UK during November, December and January at present.” He says that he expects that snowfall records will be broken in this time frame.

Many authorities faced criticism last winter as many motorists battled snowy, dangerous roads and many people became stranded. Even though it sounds like local councils are well prepared this year, it sounds like many of us will want to be snuggled up in front of the fire place in front of the TV, enjoying a mug of hot chocolate with the air conditioning units in London definitely being switched off!