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Warm Weather is Bringing more Jellyfish to the UK


The warm weather we have seen in recent weeks, although it seems to be slowly slipping away, means that there has been an increase in the amount of jellyfish that have been surrounding the British coast line.

As a result of the very cold and long spring there were very few reports of jellyfish but now they are growing in rapid numbers as well as there being many different species too, according to the Marine Conservation Society. One of these species include Lions Mane and these have a particularly powerful sting so anyone wishing to escape the heat and are heading to the beach are warned not to touch them. Instead you could always escape to the cinema with the cool air conditioning! Continue reading

Panda’s provided with Air Conditioning in Chinese Zoo


Who knows what will happen with our summer time this year here in Britain but one thing is for sure, in China they are experiencing sweltering temperatures of over 40 degrees. This temperature is definitely too hot to be out in without any way of cooling yourself and even worse if you are completely covered in fur! Continue reading

Weather Outlook Here and Abroad


Our sunny bank holiday weekend seemed to be a little glimmer of what was to come, although on Tuesday it was back to the British weather that we can only expect lots of rain! Unfortunately the rest of the week seemed to follow a similar fashion which doesn’t look promising for the summer which is imminently approaching with only a spattering of sunshine. Continue reading

Air Conditioning in Your Vehicle

So the hot days in England are few and far between but when they are here they are often scorchers! The last thing any of us want to be getting in a car that doesn’t have air conditioning during these days. Luckily for us this is now a common feature in most vehicles but among many motorists the general consensus is that if the air conditioning is on then more fuel is being used. Of course this is true, if the air conditioning is on, it uses more fuel than having the windows open. However, this is only true up to about 40 miles per hour. When this speed is reached, the drag from the open windows actually uses more fuel. Continue reading

May Bank Holiday

For most of us in England, we only have the luxury of air conditioning at work rather than at home. So when it comes to sunny bank holiday weekends like the one it is predicted we will be experiencing this May, the ice creams and fans usually come out in full force.

It is expected that most of Britain will be able to enjoy a sunny early May bank holiday with temperatures possibly in the low 20’s. Those who are living in the south of Britain will probably have the best of the weather as Scotland and Northern Ireland are likely to have the odd patch of rain. Continue reading

Spring has Sprung!

Summer Time

We are happy to announce that we have had our air conditioning on for the last two days and we are hoping that this is a sign of better weather to come!

Spring finally sprung in April and we were all very happy to see for the warmer change, however, May is still set to be milder than usual although will generally by dry. So far this week we have had a little taste of what we hope is to come in the summer but unfortunately according to forecasters towards the end of the week it will become much cooler and even the chance of rain. Continue reading

Spring is here but Winter won’t Leave

Yesterday was officially the start of spring but it still feels like winter although we like the fact that it is staying lighter for longer!
This time last year, we were all in our gardens with flip flops and the air conditioning on. This year we still have the heating and jumpers on. This doesn’t look like it is going to change in the near future as this week it is predicted that we may see some small snow falls in some parts of the country. The rest of us will see sunny spell with the odd patches of rain. It is also predicted that we will have fog and frost and the most noticeable will be the wind chill towards the end of the week.

As we live in hope for warmer weather we can be thankful for the clocks going forward which will mean longer days so we will at least have the impression that summer is nearly here. The north will be worst affected by the cold and the south may see some resemblance to a spring time in terms of temperature.

Although predictions can’t be accurate this far in advance there are indications that April will have a chill to it which after the lack of sunshine last summer time this will be disappointing. We hope to see the sunshine soon! Let us know your plans for the summer buy tweeting us @GTRefrigeration

Choosing the Right Contractor

Last week we wrote about how you can personally maintain your air conditioning systems but there is a time when you will need to call a professional in. Well we are going to give you a few tips that will help you choose the right air conditioning tech for you.

Mechele Agbayani Mills has highlighted the importance of proper care by saying, “Residential heating and cooling units are expected to last 15 to 20 years, s choose a good HVAC tech is vital to your homes comfort for years to come.

One of the most common problems that occur for consumers and business owners is that they hire the first contractor that they come across because they don’t have enough information to make an informed decision as a result of a lack of research.

Before you choose a contractor it is essential that you research the company and their licensing. Word and mouth is often a great way of referrals but you also need to do your research into them. If not it could mean costly repairs for damage they create or small problems they have quoted too much for. Another thing to research is what the problem could be. Make sure you have a rough idea of what could be wrong with you air conditioning system so you can talk to a prospective contractor with some knowledge. This could also save you money.

It is advised that you get at least three quotes for any repair work you want doing to your HVAC system but don’t just compare the cost of each of them. Cheapest isn’t necessarily best. If you are unsure on what each contractor is proposing, ask them and then you can make an informed decision.

Some companies may offer warranty for the maintenance they carry out. If this is the case, make sure that you have completely read and understood the terms and conditions. It is also a good idea to check the terms and conditions of the actual air conditioning unit, if warranty was included in the purchase, you may be covered for maintenance.

Overall it is essential to have some information and knowledge on what you want repaired. This will help you communicate with contractors better and therefore can get the best price and the best service for the work.

Is the warmer weather finally here?

Finally we can report on some nicer weather! Our blustery winter conditions are soon to be replaced by some slightly warmer weather. Ok so probably not warm enough to get our swimsuits out and the air conditioning on but we are in England; let’s take anything we can get!

Many parts of the country last night were disrupted with heavy snow fall and those who were travelling on high ground were left stranded but all this is set to change!

According to Sally Webb at the MeteoGroup, “Heavy rain falling across much of England and Wales this morning will clear through the south-east around noon, leaving a largely dry and sunny day. There will be isolated showers along western fringes, particularly in Scotland.

“It will stay dry overnight with clear spells and widespread frost and temperatures getting down to 0C in most places, and minus 2C in places like Cheshire. Tomorrow there will be sunny spells, though Scotland is still likely to see some showers over into Saturday, but elsewhere it will be largely dry and sunny throughout the weekend.”

Despite this promising weather to come, it will probably be short lived as towards the end of next week things will start to get cooler again.
In East Yorkshire yesterday gritters and snow ploughs were called to help reduce the reduction to some of the inevitable disruption to travel. 40 vehicles had been stuck on the road until they were rescued. As most of the country will be experiencing warmer weather, other parts will just be getting rain instead of snow which could mean icy conditions.

Even more Snow!

Just when we thought things were starting to brighten up it is predicted that we are going to have even more snow fall on Sunday. I for one have had the air conditioning on in the office all week (probably due to sickness from all the cold weather rather than the actual temperature!) Forecasters predicted today that temperatures will be plummeting to -5 which will mean dangerous icy conditions and more blustery winds.

A Cold Weather Alert was issued by the Met Office today which will no doubt cause chaos on our roads once again and leave those who are most vulnerable exposed to dangerous situations. ON top of this there have also been weather warnings issued for ice in the south west and the west midlands.

Some parts of the UK had snow today and will still have some tomorrow although the worst of the weather is expected on Sunday and is predicted to continue into Monday.

In some parts of the country people have actually been able to ski and snowboard on certain slopes they have already seen that much snow!

Gareth Harvey is a forecaster at the MeteoGroup and he has said, “The next few days will only see a few light snow flurries affecting mountains in Wales and Scotland and the Pennines, in northern England, while temperatures will stay cold.

“The weather will change on Sunday when a front coming in from the west meets cold air.

“It looks like there will be some rain before it progresses to snow over large parts of Scotland and the eastern half of England, particularly the north east.

“There could be some significant, heavy amounts.”