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Weather Outlook Here and Abroad


Our sunny bank holiday weekend seemed to be a little glimmer of what was to come, although on Tuesday it was back to the British weather that we can only expect lots of rain! Unfortunately the rest of the week seemed to follow a similar fashion which doesn’t look promising for the summer which is imminently approaching with only a spattering of sunshine. Continue reading

May Bank Holiday

For most of us in England, we only have the luxury of air conditioning at work rather than at home. So when it comes to sunny bank holiday weekends like the one it is predicted we will be experiencing this May, the ice creams and fans usually come out in full force.

It is expected that most of Britain will be able to enjoy a sunny early May bank holiday with temperatures possibly in the low 20’s. Those who are living in the south of Britain will probably have the best of the weather as Scotland and Northern Ireland are likely to have the odd patch of rain. Continue reading

Weather is not setting back Britons over the Bank Holiday Weekend

The weather has dampened over the last week for us Britons in the UK. This week, the Met Office issued a severe weather warning on Monday, predicted heavy rain on Tuesday and warned people of the risk of flooding.

However, the predicted torrential rain did not occur, but there were some thundery and heavy showers. Some areas of the capital city saw between 5mm to 10mm of rain in a few hours, while other areas just experienced some light rain. Even though there was no sunshine, most people felt the muggy, humid weather and stayed by their refrigeration units in London!

Despite the weather, Britain is braced for the Bank Holiday weekend and not holding back. Almost 27 million drivers are set to tackle the roads over the long weekend.

According to esure, travel chaos will lead to the average motorist spending almost 2 hours stuck in traffic jams.

According to figures, Britons are still planning to visit the seaside despite the horrible weather, with Brighton and Blackpool being the top destinations.

There are also a couple of big festivals happening over the weekend including Reading and Leeds, which will add to the congestion. Festival goers are hoping that they will be lucky enough to get the same sunshine as people who went to V festival last weekend.

Head of risk and underwriting at esure, Mike Pickard said “Traffic jams are a given for any Bank Holiday but this year it seems more Brits than ever are planning to hit the roads as uncertainty over booking foreign holidays has seen a rise in popularity of the staycation”
Pickard adds, “We would advise motorists to check weather and traffic reports before setting off and ensure they have completed a thorough vehicle check.

“Planning ahead by choosing a route that avoids holiday hotspots and driving off-peak is a great way to beat the traffic and make the most of your long weekend,” Pickard advises.