A Nice Warm Autumn? Not for Long!

How time flies, it’s already November and surprisingly, it hasn’t been too cold yet. Some of us still have our windows wide open or air conditioning units in London running!

However, forecasters have warned that Britain faces an end to this warm autumn, with temperatures falling towards Siberian levels.

Within a fortnight, we should expect our thermometers to dip below zero! According to experts, the country will be coping with -15C by December, which could be as brutal as last winter.

Some of us may remember the chaos that the snow brought to Britain last year, with blocked roads, causing accidents and burying houses. The forecasters suggest that snow could hit the country even earlier than it did last year!

Positive Weather Solutions spokesperson, Jonathan Powell, said “It will not be as sustained as last year, but these episodes are expected to be severe, with Siberian temperatures.”

The warnings came as the Government announced that the Met Office will send out extreme weather alerts this year to social services, the NHS and other agencies in a bid to cut the 25,000 extra deaths in the UK that are caused by winter.

Brian Gaze, the forecaster of The Weather Outlook, told the newspaper, “There are signs of a significant change in the mild weather in mid-November.

“The current mild weather is caused by a high-pressure block to our east, keeping us under a south-westerly flow of Atlantic air.

“But it looks as though high pressure could move further north west, allowing much colder air to filter across the UK from the north or east, with the risk of snow increasing.”

Exacta Weather, spokesperson, James Madden, warned that it would be “very cold and snowy across many parts of the UK” this winter.

He also added that there would be “frequent and widespread heavy snowfalls during November to January across many parts of the UK and Ireland, with below-average temperatures.”

I will definitely be buying grit for the drive and snow boots, in preparation for the winter!