Air Conditioning Repairs

While air conditioning units do need regular simple maintenance to keep them running smoothly, a quality system is generally reliable and you should rarely encounter problems. As with any home appliance though, faults can occur and will need to be addressed.

One of the first steps to take when a fault occurs with your air conditioning unit is to consult the owner’s manual to see if there is a diagnosis of the fault you are experiencing. In the event you are unable to locate your owner’s manual, a copy should be available online, or otherwise you can request one directly from the manufacturer.

Here are some steps to follow in order to fix simple errors you may be experiencing:

1. The first thing to try is to shut the power down to the unit for 10 minutes and then power it back on which may cure the problem.

2. If you have an outdoor unit and you think it may have become blocked you can rake any leaves or debris away from the outdoor condenser and see if that works.

3. Remove any protective grille or cover from the condenser’s fins.

4. You can use a soft brush or cloth to clean dirt and debris from the air conditioning units fins, then vacuum them with the hoovers brush attachment.

5. Unscrew and lift the top grille off the unit, if possible. If the fan is attached to the grille, be careful not to pull any wires loose.

6. From inside the unit, hose out the fins (protect the wiring and motor with plastic). If your owner’s manual calls for lubricating the motor, do that now–don’t over-lubricate.

7. Then reassemble the unit.

8. To test it, turn the power on and set the thermostat to turn the unit on.

Afterwards, let the air conditioning unit run for a 5-1o minutes then feel the two pipes that connect to the condenser unit. You may need to slide any of the insulation back to get to the pipes.

One of the pipes should feel cool, whilst the other one should feel warm. If you’re still experiencing problems or are not confident in repairing the air conditioning yourself, call an experienced technician at G T Refrigeration who would be happy to help.

What to do if the Air Conditioning Unit doesn’t Turn On

If the central air conditioner doesn’t go turn on automatically:

1. Be sure the thermostat on your air conditioning unit is set to “cool” and below room temperature, sometimes they can be accidently changed!

2.  Another reason why the air conditioning unit doesn’t turn on could be because of a blown fuse or tripped breaker. Check your main electrical panel and any secondary circuit panel and replace them if needed.

3. Double check that the condenser and furnace power switch are both on, as well as making sure that the compressor hasn’t been shut off by anyone.

4. Turn off the power to the air conditioner and check the thermostat.

5. Remove the thermostat’s cover and unscrew the wire from the Y terminal.

6. Turn the air conditioning back on.

If you find the steps listed above do not solve your problem and you require the services of a professional, GT Refrigeration provide a 24hr servicing and repair call out service. Our comprehensive maintenance and service contracts to meet individual requirements.

Call now on 01932 564 635 or use our contact form to discuss your requirements.

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