Basic Air Conditioning

However, as simple as this process is, there are many things to taken into consideration when purchasing an air conditioning unit.

Cooling Capacity

Firstly you need to ensure that you choose an air conditioning unit that has enough cooling capacity for your area. Were you to have too small a unit, it won’t cool the room whereas an air conditioning unit too large for the space would only waste energy. It is also more efficient to buy a number of small units over one large air conditioner when cooling several rooms.

Air Conditioning Installation

When choosing where to install your system, be aware that air conditioning units can only be installed in certain types of window. The majority of air conditioners are designed to be installed in conventional single and double-hung windows (which open up from the bottom) with some models also capable of being installed in sliding windows as well. But air conditioners cannot be installed in casement or louvered windows. Be sure to measure your windows prior to purchasing your air conditioning unit.

Wall installations are an alternative option, especially for rooms with only one window. Whilst this might not be suitable for all types or home (brick or masonry for instance), and is a much bigger job than a simple window installation, it does offer quieter operation and more secure installation. In addition to that, a wall unit will keep your room cooler and offer more protection in the winter.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Keep in mind that air conditioning units do need seasonal maintenance. When summer starts you will need to clean the foam filters by rinsing it under running water. The exterior fins should also be kept as clean as possible with careful dusting as to not bend the thin metal fins.

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