Cheap Air Conditioning Units

What is the best air conditioning unit for our office?

What is the best air conditioning unit for an office?

When having air conditioning installed in an office it is worth investing in a quality unit as cheaper units lack the control features that air conditioning systems intended for commercial use have as standard.

For example, when your office is unoccupied you will want a 24hr timer so that the air conditioning is not running whilst you are not there, costing you more money in the process. Features on more expensive systems are also superior, with modes to specifically heat/cool/fan/dehumify. Likewise better systems come equipped with an auto mode which allows you to set the temperature and will change between heat and cool automatically.

One last benefit of purchasing a commercial unit is they typically come packaged with a 3 year warranty, along having an ECA listing due to their higher coefficient.

What is the best air conditioning unit for home use?

Determining which air considering unit to purchase for a home can be tricky and it will depend on the area it will occupy and be serving. Whilst more costly to buy, a ducted system or cassette air conditioning unit is perfect if you want an air conditioning system for a larger area or entire floor space as they provide an unobtrusive way of conditioning the environment. For spot cooling a lounge area or bedroom however, a wall mounted unit is probably the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

What is the best air conditioning unit for a bedroom?

If you’re looking for a simple but effective air conditioner for a bedroom, then a cheap air conditioning unit could be a viable solution. For a bedroom environment however, one really important factor to consider prior to purchasing is excessive noise. Whilst manufacturers have made great efforts to reduce noise on indoor air conditioning units in recent years, ensure you choose a unit with a low noise Db.

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