DOE released final design specs for energy-saving air conditioning units

The U.S government have been working with the Department of Energy, (DOE) they have released an air conditioning unit that could save the country a lot of money! This highly efficient AC unit is to be placed on a rooftop, potentially saving electricity, especially on commercial properties. A PDF summary has been released.

This air conditioning unit has taken over a year to declare successful. The organisation have planned webinars and posted in forums to target interested manufacturers. The DOE have stated:

“High-efficiency rooftop units, when built according to the criteria of the new specifications, are expected to reduce energy use by as much as 50 to 60% compared to the current ASHRAE 90.1-2010 standard, depending on location and facility type.”

This has attracted buyers for manufactures who will ‘receive assistance in designing, constructing, measuring, and testing the new air conditioner units produced to this specification,” said the DOE.

Our knowledge of this is currently quite limited. Will this product be coming to the UK? GT Refrigeration air conditioning blog writers plans to find out more!