Even more Snow!

Just when we thought things were starting to brighten up it is predicted that we are going to have even more snow fall on Sunday. I for one have had the air conditioning on in the office all week (probably due to sickness from all the cold weather rather than the actual temperature!) Forecasters predicted today that temperatures will be plummeting to -5 which will mean dangerous icy conditions and more blustery winds.

A Cold Weather Alert was issued by the Met Office today which will no doubt cause chaos on our roads once again and leave those who are most vulnerable exposed to dangerous situations. ON top of this there have also been weather warnings issued for ice in the south west and the west midlands.

Some parts of the UK had snow today and will still have some tomorrow although the worst of the weather is expected on Sunday and is predicted to continue into Monday.

In some parts of the country people have actually been able to ski and snowboard on certain slopes they have already seen that much snow!

Gareth Harvey is a forecaster at the MeteoGroup and he has said, “The next few days will only see a few light snow flurries affecting mountains in Wales and Scotland and the Pennines, in northern England, while temperatures will stay cold.

“The weather will change on Sunday when a front coming in from the west meets cold air.

“It looks like there will be some rain before it progresses to snow over large parts of Scotland and the eastern half of England, particularly the north east.

“There could be some significant, heavy amounts.”