Five Common Issues with your Air Conditioning


Who knows what is happening with the weather nowadays? April has so far bought us sunshine, snow and showers so that means being prepared for the summer is essential as no one knows when it is going to turn up. Having sweltering staff in your office is not the best recipe for success so making sure your air conditioning unit is working is essential for the “just in case.” Some of the main reasons that air conditioners don’t work is because they have been installed wrong, or aren’t well serviced or maintained. There are some issues that can be fixed by yourself and for others you will need to call a professional but we have listed the top five issues that could go wrong with your unit and what can be done to fix it.

Making sure your unit isn’t leaking refrigerant is one of the main concerns. Not only will it mean your unit isn’t working properly, a leak is also bad for the environment so there is no point adding more refrigerant to top up the levels. In this situation you will need a trained specialist to come and fix it and then the correct amount of refrigerant can be restored.

If the system is poorly looked after then filters can become dirty as well the coils which will mean that the unit isn’t performing as well as it should be. These can be cleaned and will ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Especially in an office where the air conditioning unit is often on and off frequently throughout the day the compressor and fan controls can wear out quickly. Another issue with the electrics is the corrosion of wires and terminals. These need to be addressed by a professional and will usually be dealt with during a service.

Thermostat sensors at the back of the window air conditioners measure the temperature of the air that is going into the evaporative coil. However, if this sensor becomes dislodged out of place then the units cycle may be happening too often or become erratic. In order to fix this the sensor should be moved back to the coil but not so that it is touching. The wires can be bent to hold it in place.

When the air is very humid it is possible for the drain to become blocked so make sure that the water is being drained away properly. Also if your air conditioning is a window unit, it might not be draining properly if the drain isn’t level.