Floor Ceiling Range

The way that the floor to ceiling range works is that air is spread across the room evenly through the use of a double swing mechanism. They are very light and slim so can be installed either at floor or ceiling level without having to change the unit in any way. They are also a great unit for office space as they are very quiet and also very energy efficient which also makes them perfect for the home. floorceilingrange

The best rooms for these units include: a large bedroom, cabin, conservatory and an office.

These floor- ceiling air conditioner units are very good if you are looking for a quick and easy installation. Here are the benefits of the floor to ceiling range that G T Refrigeration offers:

  • Diagnostic function
  • Infra-red remote controller
  • Four-way auto louvres
  • 3 years parts and labour warranty
  • Variable direction of air flow
  • Concealed supports

If you have a room that you think will benefit from a floor or ceiling air conditioning unit then get in contact with G T Refrigeration today! We will be able to advice you which unit is best suited to a particular room which will help you make the right choice. Not only will we provide you with this advice but we will also install, maintain and service your units too.

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