Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy has been a devastating blow to the east coast of America and the countries that it hit before. However, it wasn’t a hurricane when it hit land; it was in fact a tropical cyclone.

It was the largest ever Atlantic hurricane on record in diameter as it had winds that stretched 1,100 miles wide. Hurricane Sandy was the 18th tropical cyclone so far this year and was the 10th hurricane that occurred during the Atlantic hurricane season.

It is predicted to have cost $20 billion worth of damage as it destroyed a lot in its path, ripping air conditioning units from buildings and flooding the subways in New York. When taking into account the cost that the hurricane will have had on businesses this figure is closes to $50 billion.

She began as a tropical wave in the western Caribbean Sea on October 22 and was quickly upgraded to a tropical storm just six hours later. Sandy was only upgraded to a hurricane just before she hit land in Jamaica and then continued back into the sea before hitting Cuba and here she was recorded as a category 2 hurricane.

Before hitting the USA, Sandy was downgraded to a post tropical cyclone although she had category 1 strength. It is believed that because of this that many people will save money when it comes to claiming on their home insurance although this won’t make up for the loss they will have endured.