Why should inspections be carried out on your air conditioning unit?


If you are a building owner and you manage an air conditioning system it is important for you to know if it operates a cooling capacity above 12kW or not. This is because if it does there are statutory obligations that need to be adhered to in accordance with the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. This means that air conditioning inspections need to be carried out regularly by professionals that are accredited and qualified.

The reason that your air conditioning unit needs to be inspected and serviced is to improve the efficiency by reducing the consumption of energy, improving the operating costs and reducing the amount of carbon emissions that are produced. Whilst there are plans for the R22 refrigerant phase out, this is restricted on older units so if you have a unit that cannot use the R22 alternative you may want to consider updating your system in order to improve your efficiency long term.

It is important that your inspections are not carried out more than five years apart and are done so regularly by an energy assessor. It is also important that any routine maintenance checks have been carried out. The person carrying out the checks should be a member of an Accreditation Body although they will be qualified at different levels for different complexity of units.

From your report generated by the assessor you should expect to see the efficiency of the system that is predicted once the changes have been carried out. It should also suggest actions to be taken for any faults found in order to improve efficiency. There should also be information on the adequacy of the equipment maintenance and installed controls and settings. The information should state any improvements that should be carried out. There should also be a summary of the key findings and any recommendations that are essential to be carried out.

To see the effective output of an air conditioning unit may be found on a rating plate which will be attached to the system. If you can’t find it here check the operating manual or the website of the manufacturer. If you still cannot find the information you are looking for and your unit is under a contract for maintenance, the contractor should know the capacity of your unit.