The LG R410a Air Conditioning Unit

What is an LG R410a Air Conditioning Unit and how does it work?

As market leaders and one of the world’s most renowned brands in air conditioning, LG pride themselves on the outstanding quality of their units.

The LG R410a unit has the following benefits over older R22 units:

– It is more environmentally friendly featuring Zero Ozone Depletion Potential
– R410a units are quieter, causing less disturbance
– It is more efficient, thus reducing your electrical bills
– Because it uses less energy it is able to cool faster
– With a thick compressor shell than it is more reliable than air conditioners using R22
– The piping system is cleaner due to its filter drier, which filters, cleans and dries the refrigerant and oil.

The LG art cool air conditioning range offers a number of additional special features such as the Plasma Air Purifying System, which removes airborne contaminants such as dust, dust mites and pollen to help prevent allergic diseases such as asthma and hay fever.

Additional features on offer include:

• 3D Air-Flow System
• Jet-Cool System
• Plasma Heat Exchanger
• Auto Clean
• Wireless Remote Control
• 24 Hour On/Off Setting Timer

Why LG Air Conditioners?

LG Air Conditioners have an extensive range of air conditioning units at an affordable price. Whilst some air conditioning units can look quite unattractive, LG have produced theirs to be stylish looking. If you are looking for units that are economically friendly as well as stylish, LG units could be your answer!

At G T Refrigeration we are trained installers and technicians for LG air conditioning units and equipment. If you need units installed or maintained, please contact us on 01932 564 635 or via our contact form today!

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