Maintaining your Air Conditioning Units

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Air conditioning units can be a big investment which is why it is important to keep them maintained to ensure that they run properly and efficiently. As we have moved into spring, summer will be upon us soon enough – which is when many air con unit owners find out they is a problem with theirs.

Even though air conditioning units should be maintained by a professional, there are still a few steps that could be taken to make sure that the air con units are more dependable for years to come! These include keeping your filter clean, clearing your condenser, level the outdoor unit and handling the refrigerant.

Keeping your Filter Clean

Usually air con owners will find out their filter needs changing when there starts to be a bad smell in the air. You can usually smell the dust when they haven’t been cleaned. When it comes to cleaning your window air conditioner, they usually have filters that can be removed and dusted with a clean cloth and running water. Make sure that it is 100% dry before placing it back in the air conditioner. When it is not possible to do this yourself or they need replacing, it’s always best to call a professional.

Cleaning your Condenser

Condensers are usually located on the outside of the building which tends to gather up a lot of dirt. Most air conditioning or fridge retailers will sell a commercial coil cleaner which can be used to easily clean the air con units. Be careful of the fins of the condenser though as they are prone to damage, so just use a soft brush when it comes to cleaning this part. Because of the amount of dirt that usually builds up in the condensers, it’s best not to use water as this dirt can turn into mud when wet!

Level the Outdoor Unit

The units that are outdoors need to be checked to see if they are in a level position as if not, the fan motors and compressor may wear out quicker which is a very costly replacement. If the unit is slightly out of place you can place a temporary shim to hold it up until a professional can come to fix it before it gets severe. If proper caution isn’t taken then trying to level the unstable unit can lead to the copper lines being damaged.

Handling the Refrigerant

The refrigerant used in most air-con units is called Freon, which is if this is too high or too low then there is a possibility that it won’t work. Checking the refrigerant lines running from the condenser to the evaporator will help to see if they are worn and need replacing. However, if there is a suspected Freon problem then a professional will need to sort this out for you.
Remember, it’s always best to call a professional if you are unsure about something to help reduce the risk of any accidents.