Multi-Split Range Air Conditioning Range

A multi-split air conditioning unit is a system where the outdoor unit and the indoor unit are separate and therefore “split”. The difference between this system and a central air conditioning system is that the temperature can be controlled by a thermostat or infra-red remote control. This means that one room or area of a building can be controlled at a different temperature to another area of the same building or room. multisplitimg

For a home, a split air conditioning system is beneficial for spot cooling. This means that only the rooms that are required to be cooled are done so which save money and energy. This is also a good idea for business where air flow may not be so good and some parts of the office become hotter than others. In this situation, the split air conditioning system is ideal.

The advantages to the multi-split range that G T Refrigeration offers are:

  • Jet Cool Function
  • Infra-red Remote Control
  • 24hr On/Off Timer
  • Auto-restart
  • Dehumidification

If you have an area that doesn’t have a constant temperature then a split system will help you manage the cooling of certain parts which will make areas more comfortable. G T Refrigeration will install, maintain and service your multi-split air conditioning system so give us a call or contact us today.

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