New Air Intake Screens

ECEX are engineering specialises and they have launched a new product, air intake screens. There is a range and they are available for all types of heating ventilation and air conditioning.

By protecting the air intake equipment could reduce the amount of preventative plant maintenance by 70 per cent which in turn will extend the life of the HVAC internal air filters by 60 per cent.

Richard Betts is the managing director at ECEX and he has said, “Protection of air intake systems helps reduce energy and maintenance costs.

“Particles of airborne debris are drawn in HVAC equipment which can cause filters to clog up and increase airflow resistance.

“Over time, machinery will become less efficient and, in some cases, the airborne waste can cause failure. Air intake screens offer a simple and cost-effective preventative solution to these problems.”

The actual air intake prevents the growth of bacteria that is usually found in water cooling towers. It does this by stopping external nutrient sources, getting into the equipment in the first place.

The screens can also increase the efficiency of cooling towers by improving the airflow. By having a screen for the air intake it stops clogging occurring around the coils in condensers, air cooled chillers and dry air coolers. This means that cleaning them regularly isn’t necessary and means less damage will be caused by cleaning chemicals.