No Air Conditioning in Pakistan


It has been announced that Pakistan have said to their civil servants that they are no longer allowed to wear socks as they are turning off all air conditioning systems to try and deal with the serious power cuts they are experiencing. However there are soaring temperatures in Pakistan at the moment so with no air conditioning systems offices will be unbearable, although the country is facing blackouts of up to 20 hours a day in some areas.

A cabinet directive has said, “There shall be no more use of air-conditioners in public offices till such time that substantial improvement in the energy situation takes place.” A new dress code as been issued, it is assumed in an effort to keep body temperatures down and now moccasins or sandals cannot be worn with socks.
The shortage of power has meant that protests have broken out as well as some industries just not being able to function without power. This is resulting in thousands of jobs coming under threat which is adding to the huge levels of unemployment. This is one of the worst things that could happen to a failing economy and a huge amount of poverty.

It is also having an effect on families at home as they are not able to pump water which is having a disastrous effect on hygiene and health.

The anger caused by the power cuts was reflected in the poor showing in the elections for the former ruling party. The ministers that are in charge of the power and water have said what can be done to end the power cuts. This is essential as currently the country is experiencing temperatures of up to 40 degrees.
Unfortunately their suggestions are just increasing the prices. The ministers Musadiq Malik and Sohauk Wajahat Siddiqui have “expressed their inability to overcome the crisis” to the Lahore.

The Daily Times have said, “They have termed financial constraints as a major and incompetence as a minor hurdle in resolving the issue. Presenting the realistic picture, the ministers announced that they were going to increase the price of electricity and gas for all sectors.”

There aren’t any details but it is suspected that the power issues are going to get worse before they improve.