Playhouses with Air Conditioning and Heating

This week at GT Refrigeration we have seen a weird and wonderful story on playhouses. Now when you think of a child’s play house you think of either a wooden shed at the bottom of the garden or big plastic structures in red or blue. Well these are on a whole new level; these playhouses even come equipped with air conditioning and electricity!

It is amazing at how real they look and the inside of many also have full working kitchens. They can come in all shapes and sizes from market shops to castles. They can cost anything from £1,000 to £25,000 and come with the option of running water, heating, sun rooms and even a media room.
This child’s playhouses are built by Sweet Retreat Kids and they come with the option of picket fences and landscaping for the playhouse garden. Although this is a little bizarre and not within most of our budgets they are great to look at, and the designs are very creative.

In my day we were happy with a duvet and a dining room chair to build a fort with. I wouldn’t mind living in one of these let alone having it in the back garden as a playhouse!