Summer makes motorists angry on the roads

We may not have had much of a summer in Britain this year but when we have had hot weather, everyone is cheery and happier. However, new research by Kia Motors shows that it somehow affects our driving skills.

The research shows that during the summer, over a third have had an accident whilst nearly 1 in 10 speed when the heat rises. With this report, it could be safer that we don’t get much hot weather in Britain!

The most common reason why motorists drive badly when the sun is shining is because they get too flustered and hot. 14% of drivers own up to driving worse in the heat and have had their anger levels rise as the heat does, as well as get a short temper when more cars are on the road.

Nearly half of UK motorists get distracted by other bad drivers on the roads during the summer months, according to the report. Another distraction for 1 in 5 people is singing along to music!

Communications director at Kia Motors UK, Steve Kitson, says, “Whilst the summer sun is guaranteed to life the mood of the natin it is clear that Brit’s can’t take the heat.”

Kitson explains that “Although hot weather in the UK is often rare, it has the effect of getting drivers flustered as there are more distractions on the road. Kia urges all drivers to show care and diligence at all times no matter what the weather or in fact whatever day of the week.”

24% of motorists confess to being distracted if they see an attractive person walking along, so it’s not just the excitement of speeding in the sunshine that makes people drive badly.

According to the report, 85% of the nation has experienced one or more accidents on the road in their lifetime and the average UK driver is distracted 1.84 each day.

The average bill is £635 to repair a car after damage caused in an accident and there’s also an increase of the driver’s next motor insurance quote premiums to think about, so getting behind the wheel and getting hot and bothered is the cost of an impact.

Make sure that you remember to turn up your cheap air con units or wind down the windows to keep cool, to avoid getting angry in the driving seat!