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Interior Designer At War Over Air Conditioning Units

Kelly Hoppen, interior designer has fallen out with her neighbours after her air conditioning units were causing too much noise in her home which is worth £6 million.

The problem she has encountered is that she didn’t apply for planning permission and she has placed the garden and in her newly built basement. As some are outside they noise is disrupting neighbours who have complained to Kensington and Chelsea council.

One of Kelly Hoppen’s neighbours said, “This is causing some upset. People who live on this street are wealthy and used to getting their own way and they feel that their peace and quiet us at stake.
Someone in her profession really should have known they needed planning permission before installing these units, which make a sort of rumbling noise.”

In response to the incident a spokeswoman for Ms Hoppen has said, “The moment the problem was flagged up it was dealt with straight away. We are working with the council to resolve the situation.”

The plan for the new units is to house them in a cabin at the back of her garden so they can’t be heard by her neighbours, although many are complaining about this too.

Brace Yourself for a Cold Autumn and Winter

Forecasters have predicted that Britain is just weeks away from temperatures as low as -20C, which will be a shock to our system after the nice weather we’ve been spoiled with.

Cairngorms in Scotland has already had two inches of snow this week and the rest of Britain is being warned to prepare themselves for snow and wintery conditions at the end of October or beginning of November.

Some of us may have already noticed a chill in the air, especially in the mornings on the way to work! Aberdeenshire has already dropped to 8C, which is 21.5C below the temperature we had during our ‘Indian summer’.

Council leaders have revealed that local authorities are stockpiling thousands of tonnes of extra road grit, in belief of another snowy winter. In total, it has been estimated that 1.4 million tonnes of salt is expected to be stock piled this year.

Shops are also planning ahead, Halfords has ordered in 10,000 plastic sledges in preparation of snow!

Long range forecaster for Exacta Weather, James Madden, said “I expect the most frequent and heavy snowfalls to occur across many parts of the UK during November, December and January at present.” He says that he expects that snowfall records will be broken in this time frame.

Many authorities faced criticism last winter as many motorists battled snowy, dangerous roads and many people became stranded. Even though it sounds like local councils are well prepared this year, it sounds like many of us will want to be snuggled up in front of the fire place in front of the TV, enjoying a mug of hot chocolate with the air conditioning units in London definitely being switched off!