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Is the warmer weather finally here?

Finally we can report on some nicer weather! Our blustery winter conditions are soon to be replaced by some slightly warmer weather. Ok so probably not warm enough to get our swimsuits out and the air conditioning on but we are in England; let’s take anything we can get!

Many parts of the country last night were disrupted with heavy snow fall and those who were travelling on high ground were left stranded but all this is set to change!

According to Sally Webb at the MeteoGroup, “Heavy rain falling across much of England and Wales this morning will clear through the south-east around noon, leaving a largely dry and sunny day. There will be isolated showers along western fringes, particularly in Scotland.

“It will stay dry overnight with clear spells and widespread frost and temperatures getting down to 0C in most places, and minus 2C in places like Cheshire. Tomorrow there will be sunny spells, though Scotland is still likely to see some showers over into Saturday, but elsewhere it will be largely dry and sunny throughout the weekend.”

Despite this promising weather to come, it will probably be short lived as towards the end of next week things will start to get cooler again.
In East Yorkshire yesterday gritters and snow ploughs were called to help reduce the reduction to some of the inevitable disruption to travel. 40 vehicles had been stuck on the road until they were rescued. As most of the country will be experiencing warmer weather, other parts will just be getting rain instead of snow which could mean icy conditions.

Snow this Morning Causes Chaos

So once again after a small amount of snow, Britain has come to a standstill. 50 flights were cancelled in the early hours of this morning. Trains have stopped running and there have already been accidents on the road caused by the dangerous conditions. Looks like we can say goodbye to our air conditioning units for the year and find the thermal jumpers!

Stansted airport was shut for two hours and meant that 30 departures and 20 arrivals were cancelled. In Luton the airport was also closed to clear snow although they don’t expect too many more delays.

A passenger whose flight had been cancelled at Stansted said, “I’m must surprised that such a small amount of snow can cause these problems. It only snowed for half an hour. And the snow started to melt shortly after it started snowing. I can’t imagine the airport has no forecast for this.”
A spokeswoman at the airport said, “The snow fell at a very busy period for us and it was extremely heavy for a short period of time.

“Heavy snow was falling on frozen ground and we have to make sure the airport is safe and secure so aircraft can stop, take-off and land. That is why we had to ose the runway so we could clear it of snow and make sure it was properly de-iced.

Today was the first day we saw snow for the season and it is predicted to continue until at least Friday. Overnight Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire were worst hit by seeing an inch of snow fall.

Between Watford Junction and Harrow and Wealdstone no trains were running till 10am this morning. There were many more delays in and around London as well.

Schools in Essex were closed, as many as 20 and appointments at Broomfield hospital were cancelled.

The Met Office are warning about ice and snow across Britain and to be careful whilst driving.