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Quick Air Conditioning tips to check before calling a professional

If you think your air conditioning unit is not working please check the following before calling in a professional. This will save you time and money! Some home air conditioning problems can be resolved easily and without the advice of a professional. If you can’t find an easy solution and you are worried about damaging your system, before making that telephone call it might be worth looking at the points below first.

1) Make sure the air conditioner thermostat is in the correct position. Set it to the correct place.

2) Make sure the set-point is below room temperature.

3) Ensure the furnace filter is clean. The build-up of dust can have an effect with the way your unit works.

4) Check to see if any fuses have blown, you can check this by finding out if the air conditioning disconnects or breaker is switched on. If you do not know how to check this leave it to an expert.

5) Make sure the coils are clean

6) Make sure your air conditioning unit is not covered or has anything built on top of it.

Air conditioning units need to be maintained properly. Looking after your unit well will give it a longer life span and work better.