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Air Conditioning Units Removed from School Gym

Air conditioning units that were fitted in a school gym that athletes were using for training have been taken away.

The gym they were using was that of Rokeby School in Newham and those who worked and attended to school new how hot the gym could get with some students having actually fainted because of the heat! One teacher said they could only teach for 15 minutes at a time because the temperatures were so high.

Teachers at the school are angry at LOCOG for removing the units especially since they are promoting the idea of a “legacy.” They had agreed to install the air conditioning so volley ball teams could train but when the teams left, so did the units.

The school offered to pay to keep the air conditioning so they weren’t left with a sauna of a gym but LOCOG removed them anyway.

LOCOG said the reason why they removed the units was because the term times did not fall during the hottest months of the year and were therefore unnecessary. They also said that because they had hired the cooling systems that they were not in a position to sell them to the school. According to the spokeswoman the school did get a new floor that was paid for by LOCOG.