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Keeping Cool in the Summer Months


During winter the main concern for home owners was keeping the house warm at a reasonable cost through blocking drafty doors and better insulation. Well now it is getting to summer time you are probably thinking about ways to cool your property. Here are some tips to get you started in addition to your air conditioning unit. Some are a lot easier to implement than others!

The places in your home that are the biggest sources of moisture and heat are kitchens and bathrooms. In these rooms it is important to have an extractor fan, especially in the kitchen to ensure that extra heat is taken away from the room as well as keeping the air fresh and clean. The same goes for the bathroom, having an extractor fan here too will help any excess moisture from hot showers or baths be quickly dispersed leaving your bathroom cool and moisture free.

You can install vents in your roof to improve the temperature in your loft space, which can often become hot and humid during the summer. Vents in the roof will help elevate this heat but it is important that you get these installed by professionals. Continue reading