Wall Mounted Range

Choosing the right cooling system for your home or work place can be a tricky decision as there are a variety of systems available which need to be serviced and maintained properly.wallmountedimg

A wall mounted air conditioning unit is the most popular type of air conditioning system as they can be mounted almost anywhere. This means that they can be placed high up in the room and can become barely noticeable amongst the interior design. They are also great because they are low in cost to use and to buy. This is a result of being able to cool one room at a time depending on needs and of course budget.

Each unit is separate so you can choose to cool as many or as little rooms as you like depending on how many units you have mounted around your home or work place.

The benefits of the wall mounted range offered by G T Refrigeration include:

  • PLASMA Air Purifying System
  • PLASMA Heat Exchanger
  • Anti-Corrosion Gold Fin
  • Inverter Controller Systems

For a system that is affordable, especially when not all rooms are used in a building at the same time you can cut your costs and increase your savings by having a wall mounted range installed in your business or home. For installation, maintenance and servicing contact G T Refrigeration today and find out what we can do for you.

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