In need of some summer cooling?

The heat, sun and rain are making most of us feel stuffy in our environment at the moment, especially at work. If you have one of those portable air conditioning units that stick out the office window, it may be time to think about getting a permanent cooling fixture. At GT Refrigeration, we install different types of refrigeration units in London and also out of London. The following is just a few of the different types of air conditioning units we offer:

Cassette Range

The cassette ranges are popular air conditioning units for offices or large open plan homes, as they deliver a directional flow of air throughout the room where it’s needed the most. Cassette air conditioning is also discreet when in position, so doesn’t detract the interior decor.

Wall Mounted Range

The wall mounted ranges are probably one of our most popular air conditioning units as they are easy to install and versatile to fit on different walls. Most modern wall mounted units are energy efficient, quiet and have high performance heating and cooling available for maximum comfort.

Ducted Range

Designed to be concealed, ducted range air conditioning units can be installed on the ground or suspended ceiling. The ducted range is definitely a choice for those who want to conceal their air conditioning unit within their room, so it doesn’t disturb the decor.

We offer and can install different types of air conditioning units to suit your office or home. For more information, take a look at our website or feel free to give us a call.