Maintenance on your air conditioning unit

The British summer is upon us and even though we’re not having the hottest weather at the moment, it may soon well be. Before it does turn hot, it gives us plenty of time to check and maintain our air conditioning units.

July and August is when we start to get calls from hot and bothered people who have air conditioning units, including the LG R410a and need maintenance done. Ideally it’s best for customers to call us in spring, when it’s not too hot so we can prepare them for the sizzling summer.

You can help upkeep your air conditioning unit at home by spotting leaks and checking the filters in the unit. If they are dirty, it’s easy to clean them out. Ideally they should be changed every three months – but it depends how much you actually use the air conditioning.

Another tip is to make sure the unit is not clogged or covered with dirt or leaves outside the house. However, don’t use a water hose to clean the unit out because of the risk of electric shocks.

To make sure cool air won’t leak from supply ducts, which can make your air conditioning units less efficient, is to have your ducts sealed. This can also prevent hot air seeping into return ducts, which may overwork your air conditioning unit.

If you have had your air conditioning for a long time and have not had any maintenance work on the unit, contact GT Refrigeration for a check up as we can tune, repair or replace your units.