May Bank Holiday

For most of us in England, we only have the luxury of air conditioning at work rather than at home. So when it comes to sunny bank holiday weekends like the one it is predicted we will be experiencing this May, the ice creams and fans usually come out in full force.

It is expected that most of Britain will be able to enjoy a sunny early May bank holiday with temperatures possibly in the low 20’s. Those who are living in the south of Britain will probably have the best of the weather as Scotland and Northern Ireland are likely to have the odd patch of rain.

Tom Tobler is a forecaster at MetoGroup and he has said, “There is high pressure to the south of England and this is giving the south generally dry and fine weather over the weekend.”

It is predicted that the rain that Scotland and Northern Ireland will see, will occur on Friday and could move into the north of England and even Wales. On Friday for central and southern England temperatures are expected to reach 20 degrees and remain sunny for the day.

The temperatures will continue this trend throughout the weekend and on Monday those in the north and the west may have a cloudier day and some patches of rain but the rest of the country will have a good amount of sunshine.

Of course this sunshine on a bank holiday weekend can on mean one thing; traffic jams, with those off in search of great days out head to the roads. Traffic analysts predict that the peak time of travel will be Friday afternoon with the worst congestion occurring in areas around the M25 and Heathrow among others.
Sarah Holland is a forecaster at the Met Office and she has said, “The weather over the bank holiday weekend will be on par with the nicest spell of weather so far this year.

“It looks pleasant, starting with Saturday seeing cloud and rain clear to 17C highs with dry, bright spells.

“Sunday and Monday are brighter, with a very warm day for most people, especially in the South with 20C highs when the sun shines in the south east and East Anglia, although with more cloud and the odd shower in the north.

“Tuesday will be similar with up to 20C in the South.”

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