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May Bank Holiday

For most of us in England, we only have the luxury of air conditioning at work rather than at home. So when it comes to sunny bank holiday weekends like the one it is predicted we will be experiencing this May, the ice creams and fans usually come out in full force.

It is expected that most of Britain will be able to enjoy a sunny early May bank holiday with temperatures possibly in the low 20’s. Those who are living in the south of Britain will probably have the best of the weather as Scotland and Northern Ireland are likely to have the odd patch of rain. Continue reading

Our Year of Unpredictable Weather!

So it is official, 2012 was the second wettest year here in the UK since records began back in 1910. Over the last few years we have seen our fair share of unpredictable weather; 2006 saw a heat wave in July, huge floods in 2009 and in 2010 we experienced “the big freeze”.

At the beginning of this year there were worries and concerns as to what was going to happen to crops as a result of two dry winters. There was a drought warning and farmers, water industry officials and politicians attended a water summit.

There was a hosepipe ban introduced in April of last year in the South and South East of England as a result of the dry winters. By July these were lifted due to the huge rain fall. After the two years of dry winters, spring and summer ended up being the wettest in 100 years.

After a desperately wet summer, things were not looking good for winter and once again there was more rainfall. With the weather continuing in this fashion farmers around the country struggled with their crops. On top of this, rivers overflowed causing unthinkable damage to thousands of properties.

In contrast though, the previous year, 2011, was the second warmest in the UK on record. We had the hottest April and spring, the second hottest autumn and the hottest day in October since records started.

As there is no real pattern to what weather we will experience it is best to make sure your air conditioning units are serviced and well maintained all year round, even if it is as wet as 2012! With this much unpredictable weather who knows what 2013 will hold for us weather wise. Let’s hope it is a hot one!